Sri Lanka Wellness Retreat with Santani



Santani is the first luxury wellness resort in Sri Lanka focused on taking minimalist luxury to the next level.

Everything at Santani is focused on eco and wellness, being the first luxury wellness resort in Sri Lanka. Most of the world’s spas are about pampering and indulgence and are filled with material luxuries, which are the very items a discerning traveller is looking to get away from.

At Santani, the spaces are designed to help you focus and relax with clean lines and minimal material items. The setting is absolutely stunning and serene and is bound to calm you down the minute you walk in.

Special 7 nights package can be selected from following categories:

  • Personalized wellness ayurveda treatments : Customized curative or preventive Ayurveda treatment for multiple health conditions
  • Post trauma rejuvenation : Program to assist people who have undergone traumatic experience such as accidents, major medical treatments to regain healthy life
  • Personalized yoga :A Program to enhance the well being and daily life with practice of yoga
  • Santani bliss : Rejuvenation of mind , body and spirit is the goal of this program
  • Rejuvenation & balance : Goal of this program is to provide revitalization needed for a balanced lifestyle and excel in day to day life
  • Optimal condition: Aim of this program is to increase fitness, strength, speed and flexibility for an optimal, balance lifestyle
  • Sleep enhancement : Objective of this program is to enhance the sleep quality, and train guests on getting a good night sleep
  • Ideal body : This is designed to lose weight and optimize body composition

Rates and conditions

  • Prices start at $460 per room per night
  • Christmas or New Year’s Eve dinner: US $ 65.00 per person
  • Fully inclusive rates
    • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, non-alcoholic beverages, scheduled wellness activities such as daily morning and evening yoga, meditation, lifestyle workshops, cooking classes (raw food and traditional Sri Lankan), nutrition workshops, trekking, mountain biking etc. and use of all facilities such as sauna, steam, salt bath etc. Laundry is also included.
Offer Price
Starting at $460 per room per night