North & South Luxury Sri Lanka

Experience Sri Lanka’s Old World Charm

Experience Sri Lanka’ northern culture and traditions, to ancient rocks and civilizations this holiday promises an unforgettable luxury escape with agro-luxury, ancient charms and world heritage sites.

What to Expect

9 Nights / 10 Days

This itinerary offers selected locations around Sri Lanka, however can be customized to suit your travel plans.

Day 1 : Route – Airport / Colombo

Drive Time – Approx: 55 minutes drive

Accommodation – Jetwing Colombo Seven, Colombo

On arrival, check-in at Jetwing Colombo Seven, Jetwing’s modern and cosmopolitan abode located approximately 55 minutes from the International
Airport. Relax and rejuvenate in the abundant privacy of your lush dwelling with its warm and cosy comforts.

Spend your day at leisure.

Jetwing Colombo Seven is the perfect base for any visitor – be it on business or leisure, the hotel is located in excellent proximity to all key shopping and business areas.

Day 2 : Route – Colombo / Jaffna

Drive Time – Approx: 7 hours

Accommodation – Jetwing Jaffna, Jaffna

Today, set off from the commercial capital of Colombo to the ancient port city of Jaffna or Yaalpaanam via an exhilarating Train ride. (The train departs from the Colombo Fort station at 5.30am, arriving in Jaffna at 1200 hours)

Located in the northernmost region of Sri Lanka and perfected by the surrounding vistas of the Indian Ocean and Jaffna lagoon; this part of the country bequeaths a fascinating mix of colonial charm and Sri Lanka’s Tamil culture. The enthralling, unimposing and pristine ambiance of Jaffna undoubtedly confers it as a rewarding place to invest a few days discovering the Sri Lankan Tamil culture.

Combining traditional Sri Lankan hospitality with impeccable service, and only 5 minutes proximity to the Jaffna railway station and city center is Jetwing Jaffna; an ideal abode for the laidback or avid traveler. Located on 40 perches of land in the heart of the town, this stunning seven storey building offers panoramic views of Jaffna and its surroundings; a wonderful place to visit if one desires a holiday with a difference.

Day 3 - 4 : Route – Jaffna

Drive Time – N/A

Accommodation –  Jetwing Jaffna, Jaffna

Jaffna displays a strange mix of both colonial and South Indian architecture and is a wonderful experience for those interested in exploring the fusion of cultures. Flocked by Hindu kovils and Catholic churches; the succeeding attractions are some prominent attractions/events you could visit during your stay.

The Fort in Jaffna was originally built by the Portuguese colonists and this was their last stronghold when the Dutch overran Colombo.. Another fort was built on the Kayts Island located just off the coast of Jaffna by the Dutch and called Fort Hammenhiel and lies at the entrance to the Kayts Harbour.

Jaffna is full of Hindu Kovils and the Nallur Kandasamy Kovil and Vallipuram Kovil at Point Pedro are two of the prominent Kovils in the region that hold colorful festivals every year.

The Buddhist Vihara at Nagadeepa (Nainativu Island) is a place sanctified by the visit of the Buddha and the dagoba is said to date back to ancient times. The Nagadeepa Temple is reached via a ferry ride.

The Dutch and Portuguese were prolific church builders in their attempt to spread Christianity in their colonies. A number of ruined Portuguese Churches can be found at Myliddi and Chankanai and a ruined Dutch Church at Atchuveli.  If you interested in ravening for a truly local experience, you can either indulge in a home stay with a local family or learn to cook a truly authentic Jaffna delicacy followed by a scrumptious lunch with a local family!

Some other notable attractions include a visit to the infamous Jaffna Public Library, lively Jaffna Market, Delft Island, Dambakola Patuna and Sangamitta Temple.

Do not forget to indulge in the infamous fiery red Jaffna crab curry and Odiyal Kool (a seafood broth) and some of the mouth-watering authentic Jaffna curries accompanied by some signature Jaffna delicacies as dosai, roti, string hoppers and Pittu.

Day 5 : Route – Jaffna / Sigiriya

Drive Time –  Approx: 4.5 hours drive

Accommodation – Jetwing Vil Uyana, Sigiriya

Set off from the coastal town of Jaffna to experience Sri Lanka’s inland delights over the next few days.
Ensue towards the iconic city of Sigiriya which would approximately take 4 and half hours from the coastal town of Negombo. Once in Sigiriya, you will climb the Sigiriya Rock Fortress; a 5th century
fortress that soars above the surrounding plains of the dry zone. The cloud hugging rock fortress is dubbed the “08th Wonder of the World” highlighting a part of the most turbulent history.
Check-in to Jetwing Vil Uyana; Sri Lanka’s Premier lifestyle Eco-friendly resort. Relax in an atmosphere of rural simplicity combined with the lavish comforts of the present day, to experience a stay hard to forget.

Day 6 : Route – Sigiriya

Drive Time – N/A

Accommodation – Jetwing Vil Uyana, Sigiriya

Today after breakfast, drive to Dambulla to ascent the infamous Dambulla Cave Temple. The hike up to the temples begins along a vast, sloping rock face with steps. Explore the five separate caves containing about 150 Buddha images depicting the Life and preaching of the Ven. Lord Buddha.

Afternoon visit the peaceful village of Hiriwadunna; a tropical village located closer to Habarana/Dambulla area. Start with a scenic walk along the “bund” of a man made reservoir, enjoy a catamaran ride across the stream line to visit Chena cultivation, followed by a visit to a humble farmer’s vegetable corner where you will pick your own vegetables and join in preparation of a Sri Lankan meal to enjoy and taste!!!
(Duration 3 hours)

Retreat to your luxurious haven for a tranquil evening.

Day 7 : Route – Sigiriya / Wallawaya

Drive Time – Approx: 4.5 hours drive

Accommodation – Jetwing Kaduruketha

After breakfast, head over to Wellawaya, (Approx 4.5 hour drive) a small town surrounded by lofty mountain ranges, bountiful paddy fields and fresh water streams and waterfalls. Wellawaya is located approximately 31 kilometres from Ella.

Jetwing Kaduruketha is a unique agro-luxury resort nestled amidst the Poonagala mountain range, paddy fields and natural forest. Exuding rustic charm and elegance from the moment you arrive, the resort offers twenty-five unique dwellings. The highlights of your stay will be your very own butler; your personal travel companion throughout your stay. On arrival, enjoy a refreshing drink of beli-mal (a natural herb) with a piece of jaggery, a favourite of our guests.

Enjoy an invigorating bicycle ride in the late afternoon to the Handapanagala Tank, a water tank located approximately 32 kilometres from the resort. The Handapanagala Tank is well known for the gathering of elephants foraging for water and food.

Day 8 : Route – Wallawaya

Drive Time – N/A

Accomodation– Jetwing Kaduruketha

Wake up refreshed to the cooling breeze sweeping over the paddy fields and the cries of the resident peacocks outside your own private dwellings. Enjoy an authentic Sri Lankan breakfast with pol roti (traditional flat bread made with fresh coconut and flour), milk rice accompanied by lunu miris (a spicy mix of onions and green chillies).

Choose from a range of exciting excursions and activities available at the resort. Take a refreshing walk through a rural village across paddy fields and farming land. Enjoy a lunch at a farmer’s house along with tea and sweet meats to follow.

You may also experience an invigorating trek to the fall head of Sri Lanka’s second highest waterfall Diyaluma Falls standing at 220m. The trek will run across the grasslands of Poonagala. You have an opportunity to have a picnic near the natural rock pools.

Return to the resort and rest and relax enjoying a refreshing drink by the poolside. The picturesque pool at Jetwing Kaduruketha is inspired by an ancient pond believed to be used by Sugala Devi, Queen of the Ruhuna Kingdom (approx. 12th A.D).

Day 9 : Route – Wallawaya / Thalpe

Drive Time – Approx: 5 ½ hours

Accomodation – Era Beach by Jetwing, Thalpe

After breakfast take approximately a five and half drive to Talpe following the Southern coast, whilst watching the waves lap on the shores.

Arrive at Era Beach by Jetwing; a gracious colonial style residence located in the Southern coastal area of Galle. The sun-kissed golden beaches provide the privacy and solitude you need for total relaxation, while the lush tropical garden will bring you as close as you can get to nature.

Alternatively, you could also leave for the Commercial capital on this day (Approx; 5.5 hour drive) and stay at our premier property in Colombo; Jetwing Colombo Seven.

**Alternatively, you could also leave for the Commercial capital on this day (Approx; 5.5 hour drive) and stay at our premier property in Colombo; Jetwing Colombo Seven.**

Day 10 : Route- Thalpe

Drive Time –  N/A

Accomodation – Era Beach by Jetwing, Thalpe

In the morning visit the Handunugoda Tea estate that produces the world famous ‘Virgin White Tea’, a tea never touched by humans, and has attracted the attention of tea enthusiasts all over the world.

The Estate has been in the family of Tea Connoisseur Herman Gunaratna for more than a century. Also do visit the well-equipped tea factory with most machines brought down from the United Kingdom and are 150 years old, still working smoothly.

In the afternoon drive southward to the City of Galle, world renowned for its UN World Heritage site the Galle Fort. Explore the inside streets of the Fort, where you will see a myriad of old streets and houses many still holding their original names and facades. After you have explored the city you could  proceed to do some shopping in the very heart of Galle, which is improving rapidly in variety and quality where you will come across shops with fine variety of gems and jewelries, antiques, art galleries and Design stores etc. a few great.

Do not forget to catch the Fort Jumpers spring in to action from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. This hair–raising forty five foot jump is from the top of the wall at Flag Rock, between point Utrecht Bastion and Triton Bastion.

Day 11 : Route- Departure

Drive Time –  N/A

As all good things must come to an end, we bid you farewell as our Chauffeur Guide transfers you to the Airport to meet your departure flight home.

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This enchanting property is a peaceful retreat with a magnificent view of Jaffna.

Exuding rustic charm, character and stylish simplicity, the unique eco-luxury resort Jetwing Kaduruketha is the latest link in Jetwing’s hospitality chain.

This outstanding place, offers pure relaxation and luxurious understated elegance and comfort.

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One of Sri Lanka’s oldest and most significant Hindu religious temples, it is well known for its decorative brass work and artwork.

Also known as the Golden Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage site with well preserved historic arts.

An ancient rock fortress with amazing arts and architecture, built over 1600 years ago.

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