Where to Eat in Galle

Dicks Bar
18, Upper Dickson Road, Galle.
Dicks Bar severs pies and tapas. Voted by Conde Nast Traveller as one on the top 25 new bars of the world in 2007.    Tel: 091 438 0275

Mama’s Roof Cafe
76, Leyn Baan Street, Galle Fort.
A spectacular 360 degree terrace view of the lighthouse, Mosque, Dutch Reformed Church Galle harbour, makes it a perfect setting for a casual brunch or romantic evening meal.    Tel: 0773 206 755

Pedlar’s Inn
92, Pedlar Street, Galle Fort.
Has a reputation for chocolate brownies and toasted sandwiches served with sweet chutneys.    Tel: 0773 141 477

Pilgrims Lounge
31B, Rampart Street, Galle Fort,
A great place to read. Lounge and enjoy organic teas while listening to World Music.    Tel: 091 224 5454

Serendipity Arts Café
100, Pedlar Street, Galle Fort.
Houses a gallery and a menu of Asian and Western food. Take-away and delivery options available.    Tel; 0779 525 602

The Galle Fort Hotel
28 Church Street, Galle Fort.
A café, bar and dining room, with excellent food to complement the relaxed ambience.    Tel: 091223 2870

Fine dining / Fusion cuisine
719/1, Galle Road, Rathgama.
(located at the 105 km post mark)
A modern hotel with a beautiful view and an interesting menu.    Tel: 091 226 7708

10, Church Street, Galle Fort,
For a three course lunch or a leisurely dinner, with a fabulous menu and wide variety of wines.    Tel: 091 223 3388

The Galle Fort Hotel – ref. Cafes    

The Fortress
Matara Road, Koggala.
A gastronomic experience like no other. Superb international cuisine.    Tel: 091 224 7977

The Fort Printers
39, Pedlar Street, Galle Fort.
A renovated eighteenth century mansion converted into a charming boutique hotel, it serves as an excellent venue for lunch and dinner.    Tel: 091 224 7977

Wanchawella, Galle.
Dinner only. Set in a magnificent garden. Tale your mozzie spray.    Tel: 091 228 3320

Kahanda Kanda
Angulugaha, Galle.
The most incredible location on a lowland tea estate. Superb fusion and Thai cuisine.    Tel: 091 228 6717

The Lighthouse
Dadella, Galle.
A range of dining options from a la carte to great bar food.    Tel: 091 222 4017

The Sun House
18, Upper Dickson Road. Galle.
A boutique hotel with a English country house style restaurant in the main garden. Bookings required for dinner.    Tel: 091 438 0275

Anura’s Restaurant
9, Light house Street. Galle Fort.
According to the Lonely Planet guide, the best thin crust light pizzas in Sri Lanka are to be found here. They also have range of vegetarian food.    Tel: 0776 171 222

Rampart Hotel
31, Rampart Street, Galle Fort.
Located next to a stretch of beach known as ‘Lady Sea Bath’ they serve a full range of seafood dishes and the coldest beer to be found in the fort.    Tel: 091 438 0103

Sea Green Restaurant
19B, Rampart Street, Galle Fort.
Located in the front of Star Bastion, they serve delicious jumbo prawns and mixed seafood.    Tel: 091 224 2754

Sri lankan
Curry Lanka
6, Pedlar Street, Galle Fort. This inexpensive curry house is a perfect place to enjoy a drink along with authentic Sri Lankan food.

Closenberg Hotel
Closenberg Road, Galle.
Specialises in seafood and southern style country rice and curry.    Tel: 091 222 4313.

Mrs. Khalid’s Guest House
102, Pedlar Street, Galle Fort.
Authentic curry is served here though alcohol in not. Advance booking required.    Tel: 091 223 4907

The Lady Hill – ref. Cafes    

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