Dear Emadhrie Ayubowan

We’re back home and children started again with school and kindergarten. I’ll be back at work tomorrow.

I’m happy we could surprise you and I really wanted to thank you again. I know it were like a hundred e-mail (can’t believe it myself ;-) ). But I just love to plan our travels and get most informations out of it that I can decide what we want to do/see etc.

You were a great help and did and outstanding work and I can’t take that for granted. So you’re more than welcome and you have totally deserved it. For us it was an amazingĀ trip, we’ll surely never forget and Sri Lanka will always be inĀ our hearts.

Of course I recommend you to everyone. I don’t think we could have gotten any better with you or Asanka.

All the best for you and your beautiful country. I wish you lots of lovely tourists and all the best for the people living in Sri Lanka.

Best wishes from Switzerland


Sri Lanka Tailor-made