Thank You

Dear staff,
We ( Lithuanian group) visited Sri Lanka on March 10-21 this year. During the trip your firm was represented by Indika Herath (or Hezath). He was our guide.

Remembering the journey experienced warm feelings we decided to write comments on smoothly elapsed trip. Together with good weather and a desire to have a nice time it was nice how perfectly Indika organized all travel itineraries. The trip was so interesting that we were lazy to follow where we were going. But after returning home we noticed that all the descriptions of our trip were explored. Very often Indika H. has been asking us whether we want to see the objects which were not included in our trip and the answer always was “yes.” We would like to note that Indika never was late. In all circumstances (if the rain was going on or somewhere we were late) he manage our trip at its discretion, but we must to say that we visited all the objects. And it was very strange that he always smiled. During the trip we enjoyed hearing the stories about history, religious beliefs and other philosophical discussions about the lifestyle of local people. Our group was small but he patiently worked with us.

Now, after we experienced all it, we can safely recommend this person to the other (not only from our country) tourist groups, and thereby also we would like to thank your company for the funny spend time in Sri Lanka.

Best regards,
Artūras Savickas on behalf of Lithuanian group.

Sri Lanka Tailor-made