Travel to Sri Lanka: Client feedback

Hi Dileshni,

As we wind down our trip I want to thank you for all of your help and to let you know that we had an amazing experience, in large part due to the expertise and guidance which Anil provided for us.

This was our first trip to Asia so there were SO many new things—culturally, religiously, historically and ecologically which represented novel exposures for us. While the trip was a bit hectic, especially in the beginning, Anil found ways to break up the days so they were not overwhelming while over the course of the trip, he fit in all the items on the itinerary. He also was extremely knowledgeable about birds and we counted at least 135 species that we saw together in this short time which was not focused solely on birdwatching. Anil provided other very unique and sometimes, personal opportunities for us to learn about the people of Sri Lanka. Without a “ native” who understands the people so well would we have had these experiences. He also opened himself up to us in a very personal way which allowed for quite an intense connection and understanding of each other in a mere couple of weeks. His flexibility in helping us to pick and choose how best to spend our time complemented but his substantial expertise was really appreciated. We will have incredibly fond lasting memories of this trip.

I would like to complete the overall evaluation but I’m not sure I can find it. Would you be able email me a scanned copy. We will be repacking and I’ll look again through our stuff.


Karen and Peter Wood

Sri Lanka Tailor-made