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Sri Lanka is what Sir Horace Walpole referred to as Serendipity, the place of ‘happy accidents’. It is the very unexpectedness of Sri Lanka which makes it a unique travel destination. The culture and traditions of the island are fascinating whether it be the rituals of a religious ceremony such as the chanting of pirith or the exuberance traditional dancing style referred to as Kandyan Dancing. Customs and values are deeply ingrained in the psyche of the people as are their folk tales and myths which recollect the origins of the Sinhalese race in the lion king Sinhabahu, the establishment of pre-historic settlement in Lanka as discovered through the story of Rama and Sita in the Ramayana or the thrilling tale of parricide and sibling rivalry at Sigiriya. Ayurvedic medicine which is probably older than some of these folk tales is still practiced in the island today and its transcendental and therapeutic powers have contributed to healing both the mind and body. Beautiful beaches can be found on the west, south, east and north coast’s while the island also boasts of 8 designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Galle, Dambulla and the Sinharaja Rain Forest to name a few.

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