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Region - West Coast
City - Colombo


What is it Really like?

Maniumpathy is a stately house, which has been home to five generations of a family originating in Jaffna. During its history spanning over a century, it has evolved at the hands of the different members of the family who have lived there. It’s most recent owners have renovated it and transformed it into a boutique hotel, with the intention of immersing its guests in an atmosphere reminiscent of the moods and pursuits of the people who have lived within its walls in those times past. As such it is an opportunity for the curious visitor to relive these experiences, enjoying a unique perspective of past Sri Lankan culture.

The colonial structure that existed has been added over time to give the unique character of the house today. Each room is named after a woman from a different generation of the family.

Where is it?

129 Kynsey Road
Colombo – 7,
Sri Lanka.


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