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Sri Lanka is a tropical island located in the Indian Ocean, which means that it has more than its fair share of sunny and sultry days. The average temperature alternates between 27° and 29° Celsius and with the two monsoons that occur on the opposite sides of the island there is an equal amount of rainy days, although rain and sunshine both at the same time are not unusual occurrences. Travelers to Sri Lanka are generally advised to visit the island from December to March if they want to enjoy the West and South Coast of the island as well as the Hill Country. April to September is best for the East Coast, the Cultural Triangle and even the Kandy Perehera. One of the best ways to travel around the country comfortably is by renting a car with a driver. However trains and buses are an economical option for travelers on a budget. Private helicopters can also be chartered for those who want nothing but the best. Singapore, Airlines, Emirates or our National Carrier Sri Lankan Airlines are just a few of the many airlines which travel between Sri Lanka and a wide range of other nations. Foreigners traveling within the country can rest assured that they are adequately represented by their various embassies, all of which are located in the Capital city of Colombo.

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