Luxury Wellness Getaway

Think breathtaking vistas over mountains or a soothing sunset over the rivers – if you are looking for some rest and relaxation Sri Lanka is the place to go. So, from the exquisite sceneries, picturesque backdrops, rich and comfortable accommodations, personalized services and utmost elegance, these getaways take “me-time” to the next level.


What to Expect

5 Nights / 6 Days

This itinerary has been carefully designed to give you a taste of the exciting, endless possibilities and can be tailored to suit your exact preferences.

Day 1 : Route – Airport / Kandy - Werapitiya

Drive Time – Approximately 4.5 hours

Accommodation – Santani Wellness Resort & Spa – Mountain View Dwelling

Meal Basis – All Inclusive basis including all meals, beverages and treatments

End of a long flight! Meet your chauffeur guide at the airport and transfer to your wellness retreat in the immaculate hills. After being warmly welcomed at the lobby area, you will consult the resort wellness doctor in order to determine your wellness program and diet according to your body type and requirements. The local chefs are all about taking pleasure in the locally sourced, organic food you eat here. The healthy, nutritious and naturally delicious personalized dishes are thoughtfully prepared just for you.

Relax and rejuvenate in the abundant privacy of the dwelling with its warm and cosy comforts and astounding views.

Day 2 : Route – Kandy - Werapitiya

Accommodation – Santani Wellness Resort & Spa – Mountain View Dwelling

Meal Basis – All Inclusive basis including all meals, beverages and treatments

After a balanced breakfast, immerse yourself in Aryurveda treatments. Ayurveda plays a large role in wellness in Sri Lanka. Ayurveda is an ancient form of healing that has been passed down from healer to healer and holds its place alongside western practices of medicine. The art deals very closely with nature in practice, using medicinal plants and herbs to improve one’s immune system. Ayurveda, coming from Sanskrit words that mean life and knowledge, is more than simply medicinal in nature however, as it places strong emphasis on wellness of the mind.

No two people are alike. As such, every Aryurveda treatment and guest experience is personalised based on an assessment of body composition, current lifestyle, stress, fitness, and emotional state and future goals.

Those who practice Ayurveda trust that every individual is made of five rudimentary elements in the universe: space, fire, water, air, and earth.

There are various treatments available such as Panchakarma Treatment: the fivefold ayurvedic purification, also called detoxification, Rasayana Treatment – specializes in wellness, rejuvenation or relaxation, Langhana Treatment  for weight reduction, Abhyanga Treatment relies uses oils, and recognises them as carriers of healing substances and Shirodhara (shiro-forehead, dhara-flow) Treatment is acknowledged as the best-known practice combatting daily stress and worries.


Day 3 : Route – Kandy - Werapitiya

Accommodation – Santani Wellness Resort & Spa – Mountain View Dwelling

Meal Basis – All Inclusive basis including all meals, beverages and treatments

You can also understand the benefits of the practice of yoga which is mainly a way of alleviating stress. Yoga uses strengthening physical movements such as slow stretches to improve flexibility and remove knots of discomfort in the body. Practicing yoga has many physical health benefits, and when practiced with mindfulness. It is an art that is truly for everyone. Mindful breathing exercises combined with the slow, measured movements and peaceful meditation allow guests to relax and reach a state of tranquility. Spend the day practicing yoga and meditation with the instructors. Meanwhile all other Aryurvedic and spa treatments will also continue daily. Santan-Weightloss, Santani Stress-Away and Santani-Sleep are the most popular programs being offered.

You can also explore Rangala nature pool if you wish. This circular walk begins and ends with a 20-30 minute tuk tuk ride. Despite being incredibly picturesque and famous amongst local residents, Rangala natural pool is mostly unknown to tourists. In addition to the area’s natural splendor, this walk is a great chance to comprehend more about the tea plucking community and their livelihood as you pass by their homes.

Day 4: Route – Kandy - Werapitiya

Accommodation – Santani Wellness Resort & Spa – Mountain View Dwelling

Meal Basis – All Inclusive basis including all meals, beverages and treatments

Whilst also all other treatments are going on, you will also have the opportunity to visit the spa daily. The advanced tri-level spa tucked into the hillside’s natural contours has been thoughtfully designed with holistic wellness in mind. You can enter from the ground floor to the consultation rooms and reception, then descend as you enter the hydrotherapy level. This level houses a steam room to warm up your body before treatments for most effectiveness. You can further experience the cedar wood sauna with it’s a glass wall looking onto serene paddy fields to the Knuckles mountain and the open-air thermal salt soak pool. Deeper into nature, the lowest floor divides into treatment rooms all of which are open onto the surrounding natural beauty.

These amazing locations make for peaceful and refreshing backdrops for spa treatments along with physical and mental exercises. Guests can enjoy a massage as they overlook a beautiful valley, reaching a state of harmony as their mind and body becomes synchronized with nature.

You can also visit the surrounding areas. One favorite is the Werapitiya hanging bridge which crosses a point where two rivers meet and is still used by local residents regularly. Meander through the village and as the path winds up past valleys, spice gardens and mud houses abundant with butterflies and birds. Watch as the scenery changes regularly throughout the stroll offering the opportunity to see traditional palm and rice harvesting and the natural pools in the river which are a great place for an authentic and safe river bath.

Day 5: Route – Kandy – Werapitiya – Kandy city centre and back

Drive Time – Approximately 1.5 hours one way

Accommodation – Santani Wellness Resort & Spa – Mountain View Dwelling

Meal Basis – All Inclusive basis including all meals, beverages and treatments

You will be indulging in all the above treatments at the luxurious wellness retreat in pure bliss. However you might also want a change in pace which is why there are many excursions around the property which you can take part in.

Visit the Bambaragala Cave Temple, built over 250 years ago, is decorated with brightly painted Buddhist artwork. Some of the interior artwork and drawings are even said to pre-date the Kandyan era.

You can also visit the Kukul Oya Waterfalls which is bordering the the beautiful Kukul Oya region are two waterfalls opening up into small ponds. This scenic spot is accessible directly in the drier season via a short walk across the Hulu River. Lavish greenery and jungle flora edges the trail, making for a charming journey.

The Galmaduwa craft village is also worth a visit. This practice showcases a village of craftspeople learning, practicing and improving their generation handed down skills, making batik fabrics, wooden and copper handicrafts and much more. Witness native artisanal industries and the passing of these crafts from one generation to the next!

You can also opt to visit the Kandy city or play a round of golf at Victoria golf club. Or simply relax at your retreat gazing at the mountains.

Day 6: Route – Kandy – Werapitiya – Airport

Drive Time – Approximately 4.5 hours

You will be well rejuvenated and healed by now and will be dropped at the airport with a overwhelming sense of calm and pleasant memories.

Where to Stay

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Santani is a place of relaxation, simplicity and serenity in nature. We offer the latest wellness innovations together with the deep-rooted Ayurvedic culture of our island, in an intelligently designed brand-new boutique resort nestled in the mountains of Sri Lanka.

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