Sipping Tea Across Ceylon

Sri Lanka home of “Pure Ceylon Tea”

Trail the Magical Splendours of a Fresh cup of Ceylon Tea while learning the Art and Trade of Tea Tasting and Plantation on this educative and rewarding experience with Sri Lanka Tailor-made.

What to Expect

12 Nights / 13 Days

This itinerary offers selected locations that Ceylon tea is cultivated and produced in Sri Lanka, however can be customized to suit your travel plans.

Day 1 : Route – Airport / Colombo

Drive Time – Approximately 25 Minutes

Accommodation – Jetwing Blue

Meal Basis – Bed and Breakfast

Arrive in Sri Lanka in the style you deserve, greeted by your chauffeur guide and transferred directly to Negombo where you can relax and unwind on one of the island’s world-class beaches.

Stretch back in a hammock with a drink in your hand to shake off the jetlag and adjust to the new time zone. Watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean and marvel at its rich pinks and ambers while you wriggle your toes in the white sands of the beach and prepare yourself for the exciting immersion into the Ceylon tea culture that awaits you in the coming days.


Day 2 : Route – Negombo / Kandy

Drive Time – Approximately 4 hour drive

Accommodation – Ellerton Bungalow

Meal Basis – Bed and Breakfast


Set off from coastal Negombo to the lush green Hill capital of Kandy to get your first taste of Sri Lankan tea culture.

On your way, you’ll stop by the Ceylon Tea Museum in Hantane to get an introduction to tea production. Located in a 1925 tea factory, the museum features exhibitions on luminary tea pioneers James Taylor and Thomas Lipton as well as offering insight into the machinations of vintage tea processing. Purchase some tea and peruse the grounds, which have been cleverly landscaped in different varieties of tea!

Become acquainted with the city of Kandy; follow the sound of the drums to pay a visit to the Temple of the Tooth. Join the Buddhists who dressed in all white, offer puja while catching a glimpse of the great sacred tooth relic of the Buddha. If you are interested in living in real traditions, daily service/Pooja is ideal to take part in. The Tooth Relic chamber would be opened during puja times where flowers and other offerings are being made while drummers at the lower hall continue their drumming performance. Pick a flower from the flower market in the city square and offer it to the Temple of the tooth along with a lit oil lamp for good fortune and peace.

 Before you retire for the night, stop by the Botanical Gardens at Peradeniya, outside of Kandy, for some tea history. You will learn that Peradeniya is the birthplace of Ceylon Tea in 1824 and more tales will unravel you to learn about Scottish planter James Taylor who established the first seedlings twenty eight years later at the Loolecondera Estate between Kandy and Nuwara Eliya which led to Nuwara Eliya becoming the epicenter of the tea industry!

As the twilight sets over the rolling mountains, retire to your accommodation for the next two nights – a 100 year old refurbished tea plantation bungalow!

Day 3 : Route – Kandy

Accommodation – Ellerton Bungalow

Meal Basis – Bed and Breakfast

This morning, take a tour of the Orange Tea Factory: Sebastian, the owner and third generation tea producer will give you the most detailed tour of his factory and an explanation to the production of tea. As it is not a commercial venture, you will be the only visitors and therefore it will be all the more relaxed. You can purchase tea of the highest quality. Of course, you are also offered the most wonderful cup of tea!

In the afternoon, make a change of scenery and embark on a visit to the complex biodiversity of Ambuluwawa; a unique combination of nature and human creation which includes an international-level conference hall, Center for Agrarian Preparation and area of Buddhist worship. The summit offers more scenic qualities, with water, stone parks and deer seen on the top of the mountain! Spend some relaxing time with your family and get some amazing pictures from the top of the mountain!

Retreat to your bungalow for a cup of warm tea and as you laze by the fireplace play with the resident dogs or enjoy some board games!

Day 4 : Route – Kandy / Hatton

Drive Time – Approximately 3 hour drive

Accommodation – Ceylon Tea Trails Bungalow

Meal Basis – All–Inclusive Basis

After an authentic Sri Lankan breakfast to kick-start your day, your tea journey will take you into the verdant green hills of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful and magical region – the Hill Country – to the tea capital, Hatton.

 As you ascend the winding roads, your views will be met by gorgeously lush plantations, past tea bushes trimmed by regular picking that look like green sculptures stretching up and down the misty hills as far as the eye can see, landscapes that offers longer walks, bicycle rides, and routes winding past British-built stone churches and Hindu temples. Occasionally, you will come across small hamlets where tea pickers live or if you’re lucky, you’ll see the tea pluckers’ expertly harvesting tea leaves in the fields.

We suggest experiencing Hatton by staying in converted tea bungalows! Follow the trail of five cozy luxury colonial bungalows restored from the time of the Raj and find yourself surrounded by rolling green hills all circling the calm Castlereagh Lake. You will be greeted by your very own personal butler who will attend to you throughout your stay as well as the executive chef with whom you can plan your dining options!

End the evening with a signature culinary experience of a tea infused dinner! Earl grey Cured fresh salmon, Moroccan Mint tea crusted lamb cutlet and Vanilla Pana cotta with minted fresh fruits are a few of the delicacies for the palate of any gourmet.

Day 5 : Route – Hatton

Accommodation – Ceylon Tea Trails Bungalow

Meal Basis – All –Inclusive Basis

Today you will have plenty of opportunities to learn about the surrounding tea industry, with most factories offering tastings and tours to witness the machinery in action. All bungalows offer guided walks through the tea fields, where you can study the delicate art of picking the buds. The morning commences with an exploration of the lush tea fields & visit to a century old factory for a gentle education in the art of Ceylon Tea. The resident tea planter will passionately delve into all aspects of tea from a look back to the early days of planting, to the manufacturing process, to how flavors are created to suit various palates!

The afternoon rewards you the perfect opportunity to immerse in an interactive and guided experience of savoring multiple teas under the guidance of an expert host. Learn and try how professional tea tasters identify the unique flavor profiles of different teas over a healthy dose of wit and banter!

Afterwards reward yourself with a special high tea and sample many varied tea from different regions with unique flavors to make it all the more exciting!



Day 6 : Route – Hatton / Train Journey / Nuwara Eliya

Drive Time – Approximately 2 hour ride

Accommodation – Heritance Tea Factory

Meal Basis Bed and Breakfast

Your tea journey will continue further south into the verdant green hills of Sri Lanka’s most scenic region – to the Colonial city of Nuwara Eliya. The cool air, magnificent waterfalls, thriving tea culture and the enchanting allure of these hills has to be seen to believe!


A ride by local train is the way to see this country best and is a highlight of any Sri Lankan visit. ‘Clicketty-clack’ through dark tunnels on winding tracks, past tea bushes trimmed so neatly that, from a distance, the hills look as if they’re covered with a thick-pile rug. While on board you will encounter food vendors with their offerings of “short eats” and local musicians who will serenade you for a few rupees. Don’t forget to try some street food in the train which is mostly freshly cut pineapple slices or deep fried vades!

As you descend from the footsteps of the train, be met by views of the stunning tea estates and if you’re lucky, you’ll see the tea pluckers’ harvesting tea leaves in the fields – Welcome to Nuwara Eliya!

Retire for the night to your ‘withering loft’, high in the mountains of Nuwara Eliya. The expanse of the former withering loft – where fresh leaves were laid to dry, now serves as a cozy haven.

Day 7 : Route – Nuwara Eliya

Accommodation – Heritance Tea Factory

Meal Basis – Bed and Breakfast

For the ultimate holiday souvenir, how about taking home a packet of tea that you picked yourself? Deck out in local attire – saree for the ladies, sarong for the gentlemen – and take a walk with the professional tea pluckers through the organic tea fields where you will be shown to pluck leaves. You’ll find that it takes a bit of practice to make sure the leaves end up in your basket rather than on the floor! Return to the Heritance Mini Tea Factory, where the chief tea taster, will inspect your efforts!

Today you can truly soak up the beauty of this magical place by visiting the spectacular Hakgala Botanical Gardens, take a walk through the unbelievably beautiful tea plantations, or stop by Blue Field Tea Factory at Ramboda or Damro Labookellie Tea Centre or the 19th-century Pedro Tea Factory to sample some of Ceylon’s finest tea and purchase some freshly plucked leaves from the estates.

Alternatively a visit to the prestigious Ambewela Dairy Farm will have you relinquish devouring to a fresh glass of milk and some cheese!

Day 8 : Route – Nuwara Eliya / Ella

Drive Time – Approximately 2 ½ hour drive or 3 ½ hour train ride

Accommodation – 98 Acres Resort & Spa

Meal Basis – Bed and Breakfast

After a lovely breakfast, you will travel further south to the perfect hill climate of Ella; a hidden treasure located in the highlands of Sri Lanka.

En route break your journey at the charming village to admire the scenic Ella Gap, the cascading mystical Ravana Ella waterfalls and the iconic Demodara Nine Arch Bridge!

Continue down the winding hill country roads until you meet the distinctive Amba Tea Estate; a small organic farm that specializes in a scale production of hand-rolled tea! Commence a tour of the tea estate by 11.00 am; visit the tea factory and learn of artisanal tea making, experience tea tasting (from green teas to lemon grass and black teas) and take a peek at the range of artisan teas, coffee, cinnamon and lemongrass growing side by side. Be sure to purchase some tea from the estate itself!

Retire by afternoon to your retreat and be mesmerized by the bird-eye view of the surrounding lush green tea estates.

Day 9 : Route – Ella / Galle

Drive Time – Approximately 5 ½ hour drive

Accommodation – Jetwing Lighthouse

Meal Basis – Bed and Breakfast


After a couple of civilized days in the tea country, you may be ready to explore the island’s sun and surf. You’ve waited long enough! Today you will descend the hills and head south to the pristine coastline – to the historical city of Galle.

As you descend from the hills, break your journey to meet the Dambatenne Tea Factory outside the town of Haputale. The factory offers enlightening tours explaining the production process and is within easy reach of Lipton’s Seat where you can enjoy panoramic views of the historic plantations as you savor, you guessed it – a restorative cup of tea.

One of Sri Lanka’s charms is that how in a short time you will pass from the hills to the meandering rivers, past the farms and then to the idyllic Southern coast until you meet the historical city of Galle – a perfect combination of Blue Ocean, history and culture.

By twilight, retreat to the luxurious Jetwing Lighthouse; an architectural masterpiece designed by Bawa!

Day 10 : Route – Galle

Accommodation – Jetwing Lighthouse

Meal Basis – Bed and Breakfast

Your next taste of Sri Lankan tea culture will continue at a low altitude tea plantation famed for ‘Virgin white teas’, so pure they are never touched by the human hand. The only tea estate closest to the ocean, the Handungoda Estate takes you through tea fields and enlightens one on the noble heritage of white tea, the art of plucking and a tour of the antiquated factory. Halfway through the tour enjoy a refreshing cup of tea with cake!

Interestingly, Galle is a living world heritage site that you can explore by a leisurely walk in the afternoon. Explore on foot, an endlessly exotic old trading port blessed with imposing Dutch-colonial buildings, ancient mosques and churches, impeccably restored hotels, grand mansions and museums, quirky boutiques and cafes serving yummy food and cold beer.

For those adventures enthusiasts, we recommend you cycle through Galle Fort’s sleepy, cobblestone streets into its neighboring villages and markets to experience the quiet, peaceful lifestyle in the southern coast.

For those food enthusiasts we recommend learning to prepare a delicious meal whether it’s a Biryani, a Seafood feast or hot hoppers! You could also tap into your artistic side by learning ways of painting a traditional Sri Lankan mask with the help of a renowned artist.

Alternatively, why not treat yourself with a long luxurious day on the beach today? You could visit the beaches of Hikkaduwa and snorkel among the corals or else you can also visit the secret beaches of Delawella and Hiriketiya to have a truly memorable beach experience.

Day 11 : Route – Galle / Colombo

Drive Time – Approximately 2 ½ hour drive

Accommodation – Galle Face Hotel

Meal Basis – Bed and Breakfast

Now, having seen first-hand the beautiful conditions under which the tea is grown and produced, you will be ready to move on to the island’s urban center of Colombo where you can explore its trade and export. Sri Lanka’s modern commercial capital, Colombo combines colonial and contemporary architecture along its bustling streets, from the English-style cricket green, to the grand Independence Hall, to sunset views from the Galle Face Hotel terrace. No longer just the sprawling city you have to endure on your way to the beaches, it has become a worthy destination in its own right and makes an excellent start – or finish – to your Sri Lankan adventures.

Retire to Colombo for the next two days to sojourn at Galle Face Hotel; an iconic landmark situated in the heart of Colombo along the seafront and facing the infamous Galle Face Green!

To beat off the day’s heat, why not relish a mildly hot cup of tea in an all-inclusive tea tour experience at the hotel? Take a sneak-peak into the secret recipes of tea making, refresh your knowledge on various flavors of tea, enjoy a blind tea tasting competition to test your pallet and end the evening with a high tea festooned with delicious food and desserts!


Day 12 : Route – Colombo

Accommodation – Galle Face Hotel

Meal Basis – Bed and Breakfast

The last taste of your Sri Lankan Tea Culture will conclude at the legendary Colombo Tea Auction. This morning gain special insight into the tea industry by accompanying one of our representatives to the Colombo Tea Auction. The largest of its kind in the world, be a part of the action while roughly 700 tea factories or so trade with over 450 registered buyers. If you’ve missed any details about Ceylon Tea and its production over the past week, the participation at the Colombo Tea Academy after the auction will nurture you to be an expert by the day’s end with a certificate to prove it.

Your afternoon entails having our chauffeur guide introduce you to some of Colombo’s curious sites such as the old city of Fort, the Hindu Temple at Sea Street, Dutch Church at Wolfendal and a peek at the island’s premier cultural institution; the Colombo National Museum.  After a busy afternoon taking in Colombo’s colonial charm and tea life, retire to your accommodation and reflect on your time in Sri Lanka by watching the sunset over the palm lined tropical landscape one last time – a cup of tea in hand! Or else you can embark on the street food tour around the area!

Day 13 : Route – Colombo / Airport

Drive Time – Approximately 55 minute drive

Enriched in the Ceylon tea culture immersion, all good things come to an end. Your chauffeur guide will return you by way of a scenic drive to the international airport for your departing flight and a safe journey home.

Where to Stay

Learn more about the luxurious properties available for your trip.

Jetwing Blue

Situated along the captivating golden sandy shores of Negombo, Jetwing Blue offers its guests delightful experiences together with luxury accommodation.

The 54 cosy, carpeted bedrooms sits 2km above sea level, the views over our lush green organic plantations.

Jetwing Lighthouse

The Jetwing Lighthouse sits atop a hillock overlooking the blue waters of the Indian Ocean, in the picturesque port of Galle reflecting a strong Dutch colonial influence.

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