Sustainability and Eco Tour

Our sustainability experiences are curated on low carbon activities and do more than the use of refillable water bottles to swapping a short journey by car with a train ride! Come experience our carefully tailored eco tour experiences from organic farm-to-table food moments, solar powered hotels and eco resorts, travelling in hybrid or electric vehicles, to see wildlife on foot or cycles, helping small local communities by planting trees and such activities – all with a promise to connect you and the Mother Nature as never before!

What to Expect

15 Nights / 16 Days

This itinerary has been carefully designed to give you a taste of the exciting, endless possibilities and can be tailored to suit your exact preferences.

Day 1 : Route – Airport / Negombo

Drive Time – Approximately 25 Minutes

Accommodation – Jetwing Lagoon

Meal Basis – Bed and Breakfast

Arrive in Sri Lanka in the style you deserve, greeted by your chauffeur guide and transferred directly to Jetwing Lagoon; an iconic hotel on the shore of Negombo’s famous lagoon. Stretched along the west coast, the beach town of Negombo is only a short dash from the Airport and a placid way to get your bearings when arriving in Sri Lanka!

As you gradually unwind in the confines of your dwelling, you will find that the resort gives a great grounding to some incredible sustainability initiatives bound up in the open design and daily function of the resort from an on-site water treatment for vegetable growing to natural pesticides, essential oil air fresheners and even pollinator-friendly flowers and plants busy with butterflies and birds!

Have a long dip in the pool and then head for the spa for an Ayurvedic treatment or stroll into town to try your hand at some sustainable fishing with the locals. Finish with an outdoor crab curry at the restaurant before wandering over the road for sundowners on the beach. Whiff the smell of the good earth, fresh air, blue skies, shades of green and nature-friendly living spaces – it’s a warm invitation from Mother Nature, she’s waiting for you!

Day 2 : Route – Negombo / Dambulla / Matale

Drive Time – Approximately 4 ½ hour drive

Accommodation – Jim’s Farm Villa

Meal Basis – Half Board Basis


Rise early for a breakfast of egg hoppers before driving four and half hours to experience the inland delights of Sri Lanka. You can first drop into the recycle plant of Jetwing Blue and learn the waste management process and see the organic gardens.

Then your journey will take you along a picturesque route passing rice paddy fields to the town of Kurunegala. Look out for the towering Lord Buddha statue upon a rock and make your way for a quick visit to Selyn; a social and solidarity company specializing in handmade weaving. Watch mesmerized as rural artisans weave a myriad of fabrics from home textiles, to garments and toys.

After devouring a lunch cooked by the villagers, gradually make your way to Habarana or Sigiriya to experience the authentic rural life and interact with real locals. Take a village walk with our guide and meet farmers in their farming fields, village vendors, lake fishermen, tree houses (built to protect the crops from the wild animals) vegetable fields and various crops farmed by villagers! Snack away to some typically authentic light refreshments and some King Coconut to quench your thirst buds!

After your rendezvous into ‘real Sri Lanka’, leisurely retire to the cozy confines of Jim’s Farm Villa; a beautiful boutique styled resort built over fifty acres of spice plantations. Though the initial uphill drive to the spice country can be somewhat bumpy, the resort is ideally located with whimsical views and is a working organic farm run on an environmentally sustainable basis – The perfect start to reconnect with nature.

Day 3 : Route – Matale

Accommodation – Jim’s Farm Villa

Meal Basis – Half Board Basis


Rise early to the sounds of nature and make your way to the pristine gardens to embark on a farm tour. Learn about the different varieties of spices that grow, the process of growing pepper (and buy some to take home with you!), harvesting of coconuts, mangoes, bananas, papaya and vegetables and even try your hand at activities as diverse as milking a cow and Sari dressing!

Elsewhere immerse yourself in the local culture on a village walk to an unspoilt hamlet and gain an authentic insight into local life, visit the local Buddhist Temple and maybe even meet the local monk or head out on cycle rides in the surrounding area and explore rice paddies and bird life with insights into rural village life.

After working up an appetite in the morning, why not enjoy a Sri Lankan cooking lesson? Join the Chef as you learn how to prepare Sri Lankan rice and curry dishes from seasonal fruits, spices and vegetables. Help to grate the coconut and spices and sit down together to enjoy the fruits of your labor, eating in the traditional Sri Lankan style!

Alternatively if you haven’t gotten your fill of cultural adventure, make a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage City of Polonnaruwa; home to the Sinhalese kings and queens of old. Without a doubt, the best way to explore the ancient city is by bicycle where you will meander through stupas, ancient palaces, temples, Buddha statues and more. If you need to take a break don’t fret and make sure that you stop off at many of the coconut and drink points to cool down. You could also embark on a slow and scenic catamaran ride along the Polonnaruwa Lake for bird watching and sometimes elephants in search of water during hot and dry months.

Before cooling off in the pool or spa at the day’s end, endow a gift to Mother Nature by planting an essential tree on the farm as part of the Sustainable initiative – Tree for a Purpose!

Day 4 : Route – Matale / Dambulla / Kandy

Drive Time – Approximately 3 ½ hour drive

Accommodation – Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge

Meal Basis – Half Board Basis

Today you will be taken to the Hill capital of Kandy; a countryside hamlet with cool breezes, leafy green landscapes and misty mountains gathered around a mesmerizing lake.

Break your journey at Popham’s Arboretum in Dambulla – the island’s only dry zone Arboretum where an amazing variety of Trees, Birds, Butterflies, Dragonflies and Mammals can be observed in their natural setting. Walk along twisting footpaths, over wooden bridges and endless soothing greenery to be accompanied by birds and the smell of the good earth all around! Immersed in the beauty of nature, try to spot the Deer, Wild Boar, Porcupine, Mouse Deer, Hare, Rock Squirrels or the endemic Slender Loris!

Before dusk sets in, reach the rolling hills of the Buddhist capital and explore the charming streets of Kandy to try your hand at different local delicacies. Start the trip with some exotic fruits in the market and learn about the various regional vegetables and their uses. Head to the women’s co-operative for some authentic snacks that you’d only get to try if you knew someone’s grandmother! Finally end the walk with some curd and treacle to cool you down.

As opportunity arises, pay a visit to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, which houses what is believed to be an ancient relic of Lord Buddha. Joining the many local devotees dressed in white, pick a flower from the flower market in the city square and offer it at the Temple along with a lit oil lamp!

By twilight, gradually retire to your quaint little tea and eco Lodge scattered around a picturesque tea plantation on the Knuckles Mountain Range.


Day 5 - 6 : Route – Kandy

Accommodation – Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge

Meal Basis – Half Board Basis


Imagine waking up to the sounds of birds chirping outside your lodge, you then open your front door to one of the most spectacular views – majestic mountains, lush green valleys, tea plantations, clear streams and the occasional deer or giant squirrel. Take a deep breath of the fresh air and pinch yourself – no, you’re not dreaming…

In the next two days, put on your trekking boots and be on your way through scenic mountain trails, jungle footpaths and lush green tea plantations to the sweeping vistas of the Knuckles Range. Trek through quaint trails winding across crystal clear streams, dazzling waterfalls and even terraced paddy fields, while you enjoy the coolness and fresh air of the countryside.

We also invite you to take part in the Community Tourism Program conducted by the hotel that aims to promote and share cultural resources with the local community. Join the estate community ladies and their families for an amicable chat over a warm cup of tea and a simple snack followed by an experience in tea plucking!

As you get acquainted with the deep greens of the surrounding tea plantations, you will also discover the Lodge’s special organic gardens harvested with vegetables, green veggies and fruits as; avocados, guava, wild-strawberries, black-berries, mangos and citrus-fruits; which are used to prepare your heavenly meals and is sure to make your stomach rumble!

In the latter part of your two-night stay, relish a well worth visit to the Tamarind Gardens in Digana; a community family farm project founded around sustainability. Immerse yourself in the life of a Sri Lankan village and accompany the owners in their daily tasks as taking care of cattle to cooking meals made of farm-produced fruit and vegetables!

Day 7 : Route – Kandy / Nuwara Eliya

Drive Time – Approximately 3 ½ hour drive

Accommodation – Jetwing St. Andrew’s

Meal Basis – Half Board Basis


Your journey will continue further south into the verdant green hills of Sri Lanka’s most scenic region – the hill country – to the Colonial city of Nuwara Eliya. You will take winding roads through gorgeously lush plantations, past tea bushes trimmed by regular picking and if you’re lucky you’ll see the tea pluckers’ harvesting tea leaves in the fields. Often referred to as ‘Little England’, this genteel highland community does have a rose-tinted, vaguely British-country-village feel to it, with its colonial-era bungalows, Tudor-style hotels, well-tended hedgerows and pretty gardens.

Nuwara Eliya needs a day of pottering to appreciate, thanks to its position in the heart of colonial Tea Country. Soak up the beauty of this magical place by visiting the spectacular Hakgala Botanical Gardens, watch out for a ride out at the old nineteenth-century racecourse with its own stabling and horses; swing by the historic golf club for a round, admire the town’s red post office or stop by the nearby single estate producer Lover’s Leap for a tea tour and a sample some of Ceylon’s finest.

After a refreshing cup of Nuwara Eliya’s finest brew, gradually retire at dusk to the Scottish tea planter’s club, Jetwing St Andrew’s; a hotel leading the way in conservation and green tech! After a divine dinner under the beaten copper ceiling of the restaurant, join the resident naturalist Ishanda for a frog-watching tour behind the vegetable gardens! You could try your hand in spotting and guessing many species of nocturnal birds, lizards and mammals – like the mountain-dwelling bear monkey – and a staggering array of rare and endemic frogs.

Day 8 : Route – Nuwara Eliya / Train Journey / Ella / Wellawaya

Drive Time – Approximately 3 hour ride

Accommodation – Jetwing Kaduruketha

Meal Basis – Half Board Basis

Enjoy a breakfast on dhal and hoppers before heading to Nanu Oya station (8km away) and taking the train on the old British-built railway through the mountains, plantation and lush forests of the Tea Country. While on board you will encounter food vendors with their offerings of “short eats” and local musicians who will serenade you for a few rupees. Don’t forget to try some street food in the train which is mostly freshly cut pineapple slices or deep fried vades!

 Arriving at Ella three hours later, you can’t fail to be amazed at the glamorous views including the iconic Nine Arch Bridge and the cascading Ravana Ella waterfalls. Then it’s a quick ride down the mountain to the dry plains of Wellawaya to arrive at your rustic eco-resort for the next two days; Jetwing Kaduruketha. An escapist’s dream located at the foot of a mountain range, your rustic lodge is set in 60-acres of emerald paddy fields and forest. With shutters open, watch farmers tending rice and the team harvesting the organic kitchen garden as a wealth of wildlife – flying foxes, hanging parrots and hornbills – goes about its business.

Amidst this serene environment, witness the celebrations of paddy cultivation and immerse yourself in an authentic Sri Lankan farming experience. Watch and chat with the local Mountain farmers either up in the summit or on the foothills as they prepare the lands, sow the rice and harvest the paddy for the traditional harvesting ceremony!

A further exploration of the property will take you to revel on a tree trail with over 100 species of trees or a stroll around the property after hours will have you engulfed in discovering some of our enthralling nocturnal friends as owls, frogs and a plethora of insects that are sure to pique your interest!

Day 9 : Route – Wellawaya

Accommodation – Jetwing Kaduruketha

Meal Basis – Half Board Basis

Wake up refreshed to the cool breeze sweeping over the paddy fields and the cries of the resident peacocks outside your lodge…

After an authentic Sri Lankan breakfast of pol roti, milk rice and lunu miris, start your morning with a walk through the verdant paddy fields. Learn over an amicable chat with the local farmers about the nitty-gritties of paddy cultivation and the many varieties of traditional rice, including how they are grown and their many health benefits. Rewarded with tales of local farming, saunter to the nearby village for a scrumptious lunch with the local farmers and their families in their homes. Savor the local red and white rice with a chicken curry, a ‘murunga’ or drumstick curry, a ‘polos’ curry, jackfruit curry, a pumpkin curry, ‘ela batu’ – Thai aubergine curry & ‘Japan batu’, followed by hot tea and some local sweat meats to cool that spicy zing!

If you do not want to trek up for hours, you could potter around the organic kitchen gardens, pick some fresh vegetables and other local produce from the garden and learn how to cook like a local! Then relish a feast of your prepared food in the elevated restaurant as the sounds of the forest come alive with evening wildlife.

Work it all off in the evening with a guided walk, bike ride and wild waterfall swim with the hotel naturalist before cooling off in the outdoor pool, eating fresh mango with unbeatable views of the mountains.




Day 10 : Route – Wellawaya / Haputale / Yala

Drive Time – Approximately 3 hour ride

Accommodation – Gaga Bees Yala

Meal Basis – Half Board Basis


After a couple of civilized days in the hills, you may be ready to explore the wildlife in the lush green jungles of Yala. As you descend down the winding hill country roads to Haputale, meet the distinctive Amba Tea Estate; a small organic farm that specializes in a scale production of hand-rolled tea! Commence a tour of the tea estate by 11.00 am; visit the tea factory and learn of artisanal tea making, experience tea tasting (from green teas to lemon grass and black teas) and take a peek at the range of artisan teas, coffee, cinnamon and lemongrass growing side by side. Be sure to purchase some tea from the estate itself!

Along with a fresh pot of curd and treacle to beat the heat, embark on a wildlife adventure over an evening jeep safari (3.00pm – 6.00pm) accompanied by a naturalist guide. Your naturalist will ensure a responsible (and utterly fascinating) trip to encounter leopards, sloth bears, elephants and crocodiles, as well as all manner of exquisite bird-life. Try a dusk safari first and if the animals aren’t playing ball, have a contingency dawn tour set up too!

As the dusk settles in, retire to Gaga bees resort in Yala; an eco-friendly boutique resort amidst sprawling rice fields and rolling mountains. Relax in your room, drinking in the views and expect to see monkeys and wild boar chasing around the trees, if you’re lucky.

Day 11 : Route – Yala

Accommodation – Gaga Bees Yala

Meal Basis – Half Board Basis

Rise early and get accustomed to a tremendously amusing experience by learning the basics of baking BREAD the traditional way! Relish in the freshly baked aroma as you step into the village bakery early in the morning. You will have the privilege of assisting the baker in the process of making your special bread or bun. Dust off while enjoying your very own freshly baked bread or bun you helped make. Alternatively, you could experience the first hand creation of Toddy Tapping and Palm Treacle that define the livelihoods of countless rural villages in the island. Witness the mysteries of toddy tapping, step inside a clay hut to assist a local villager in refining the sap for the palm treacle and conclude your experience by relishing a pot of curd with the treacle you helped make!

For those interested in creative green tech with an inspiration to kerb their own home’s eco-footprint, take a quick (electric, of course) buggy cart around the grounds of Jetwing Yala.  See how wastewater is separated and re-used for the hotel’s own organic farm, take a peek at the biomass boiler fed by Cinnamon wood that powers the air conditioning system and the laundry and an ‘osmosis system’ that turns the seawater into freshwater resources in this dry zone region.

Back at your boutique resort; dine as darkness falls and relish a sumptuous meal prepared from the fresh produce of fruits, vegetables and meats harvested by the village farmers and local communities.

Day 12: Route – Yala / Galle / Unawatuna

Drive Time – Approximately 3 and half hour drive

Accommodation – Kadju Green Eco Lodge

Meal Basis – Half Board Basis

Drive three and a half hours South and you reach Sri Lanka’s pristine coastline – to the historical city of Galle. One of Sri Lanka’s charms is that how in a short time you will pass from the hills to the meandering rivers, past the farms and then onto the idyllic Southern coast until you meet the historical city of Galle – a perfect combination of Blue Ocean, history and culture. Interestingly, Galle is a living world heritage site that you can explore by a leisurely walk in the afternoon. Explore on foot, an endlessly exotic old trading port blessed with imposing Dutch-colonial buildings, ancient mosques and churches, grand mansions and museums, stylish cafes, quirky boutiques, impeccably restored hotels and cafes serving yummy food and cold beer.

For those adventure enthusiasts, we recommend you cycle through Galle Fort’s sleepy, cobblestone streets into its neighboring villages and markets to experience the quiet, peaceful lifestyle in the southern coast. You could also tap into your artistic side by learning ways of painting a traditional Sri Lankan mask with the help of a renowned artist!

Retire for the evening to Kadju Green Eco Lodge; an exclusive lodge, located on a private island adjacent to a Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary. In the next two days, rejuvenate your spirit and body and take in delight of the natural light, airflow sanitation and the lush landscapes deeply rooted in the ancient cashew tree around which this whole island, canals and rivers flow!

Day 13: Route –Unawatuna

Accommodation – Kadju Green Eco Lodge

Meal Basis – Half Board Basis


Revitalize, relax and reconnect the day with the daily Vinyasa inspired Yoga flows in the resort’s unique open rooftop and enjoy the sun, beach and delicious healthy meals before taking a long dip in the salt water swimming pool!

For those adventurous junkies, enjoy a zero carbon canoeing/kayaking retreat in the island’s mangroves or take an unforgettable bicycle trip through the rice fields, beside ancient Buddhist temples and along picturesque routes to the beach with peacocks and parrots awaiting to amuse you on the way! Appease your thirst to a freshly squeezed juice, smoothie or coconut water to ensure you stay hydrated!

Alternatively, why not treat yourself with a long luxurious day on the beach? You could visit the beaches of Hikkaduwa and snorkel among the corals or else you can also visit the secret beaches of Delawella and Hiriketiya to have a truly memorable beach experience.

Day 14: Route – Unawatuna / Colombo

Drive Time – Approximately 2 ½ hour drive

Accommodation – Galle Face Hotel

Meal Basis – Bed and Breakfast

Wind down the latter two days of your stay in the island’s urban center of Colombo. Sri Lanka’s modern commercial capital, Colombo combines colonial and contemporary architecture along its bustling streets, from the English-style cricket green, to the grand Independence Hall, to sunset views from the Galle Face Hotel terrace. No longer just the sprawling city you have to endure on your way to the beaches, it has become a worthy destination in its own right and makes an excellent start – or finish – to your Sri Lankan adventures.

Before reaching the capital, make a quick de-tour to a cinnamon plantation located on a tiny, enchanting island in Beruwala and learn the processing of cinnamon and its uses. Alternatively to appease the eye, you could also visit the works of the Bawa Brothers, Lunuganga; the splendid country house of Geoffrey Bawa or the Brief Garden, owned by the architect’s brother!

As you continue to the lively city, for lunch we recommend you drop in at ‘Kumbuk Café’ to enjoy creative cuisine based on seasonal and organic products. If your day falls on a Saturday, head to the Good Market at Racecourse, where you can find many stands of organic fruits and vegetables but mostly ethical products made by small creators – Ideal for bringing back small memories while supporting the local and responsible economy!

Retire for the night to sojourn at Galle Face Hotel; an iconic landmark situated in the heart of Colombo along the seafront and facing the infamous Galle Face Green.


Day 15: Route - Colombo

Accommodation – Galle Face Hotel

Meal Basis – Bed and Breakfast


Experience the last taste of your simple tech-free morning with two hard-working female siblings on our curated Village Farmer’s farm-to-table experience. Learn the basis of their daily work routine, the unique relationship they share, the slow-paced life in the village farm and its’ freshly prepared local fare grown in its immediate vicinity. Your host – an advocate of sustainable practices and green activities – will provide much insight into the value of farming and consuming in this manner.

Your afternoon entails having our chauffeur guide introduce you to some of Colombo’s curious sites such as the old city of Fort, the Hindu Temple at Sea Street, Dutch Church at Wolfendal and a peek at the island’s premier cultural institution; the Colombo National Museum. For any last-minute souvenirs we suggest you make a quick stop at Selyn or Barefoot; a pretty shop gathering the products of many local artisans.


After a busy day taking in Colombo’s colonial charm and rural suburbs, retire to your accommodation and reflect your past days on the gratifying eco experiences by watching the sunset over the palm lined tropical landscape with a cup of tea in hand!

Day 16: Route – Colombo / Airport

Drive Time – Approximately 1 hour drive

With a notebook and a camera memory card full to the brim of your rewarding eco revels, your chauffeur guide will return you by way of a scenic drive to the international airport for your departing flight and a safe journey home.


Where to Stay

Learn more about the luxurious properties available for your trip.

Located between the Indian Ocean and the Negombo lagoon, Jetwing Lagoon offers a blendn of rejuvenation and relaxation with a unique restaurant called Geoffrey’s by the Lagoon, offering Geoffrey Bawa’s favourites.

Jetwing Kaduruketha

Exuding rustic charm, character and stylish simplicity, the unique eco-luxury resort Jetwing Kaduruketha is the latest link in Jetwing’s hospitality chain.

Galle Face Hotel

One of the oldest hotels East of the Suez, the Galle Face Hotel was established in 1864. Over the years, the hotel has housed royalty and celebrity. It has survived many trials and stands testimony of the inherent the Sri Lankan warmth. Today it is where old world charm meets modern luxurious hospitality.

Sri Lanka Tailor-made