Ultimate Adventures of Sri Lanka

Mountains, Nature trails and Wildlife Entounters

From zip lining through the misty mountains, giant waterfall abseiling, white water rafting among currents and paramotoring in the sky with an endless adventurous spirit, this package is designed to make all adrenaline junkies experience a prolonged surge in this little paradise!



What to Expect

12 Nights / 13 Days

This itinerary has been carefully designed to give you a taste of the exciting, endless possibilities and can be tailored to suit your exact preferences.

Day 1 : Route – Airport / Kalpitiya

Drive Time – Approximately 02 hours 30 Minutes drive

Accommodation – Udekki, Kalpitiya

Meal Basis – Breakfast & Dinner Included

A warm welcome and a safe drive to your Kalpitiya for an interesting beach stay and adventure. Kalptiya is not the typical holiday starter, but I would suggest you to begin your holiday in this lovely, untouched atmosphere.

As you reach the hotel, rest and relax! This charming property is cuddled up amongst the palm trees on the peaceful Alankuda Beach and the seas are inviting you for a good splash or stretch back in a hammock with a drink in your hand to shake off the jetlag and adjust to the new time zone. The best therapy is to marvel at its rich pinks and ambers in the evening sky or a soft massage at the spa!

Day 2 : Route – Kalpitiya

Accommodation         – Udekki, Kalpitiya

Meal Basis                   – Breakfast & Dinner Included

Make your Dolphin watching tour a magical one! Kalpitiya is one of the best places to see dolphins where you can witness pods up to 1000 to 1500 members during the season (November to April) at most given times. Most common are the acrobatic spinner dolphins. Keep your camera ready as they spin and leap out of the water, putting on wonderful displays.

You should definitely try kite surfing here. Skim on pleasant waves and embrace the breezes as you ride on the most ideal waves for kite surfing! Kalpitiya has two distinct kite seasons. One is the summer season from May to October and other one is the winter season from mid-December to mid-March. These two seasons are warm, dry and windy; of course make the perfect condition. But remember that the wind direction can change making every surf session a new adventure! You will be accompanied by seasoned and certified instructors so there will be nothing to worry about.

Snorkeling and diving are also available for you to try out. Kalpitiya bar reef is one of the largest coral beds in the country. If you love to float around and explore the pristine blue ocean this is the place to see for yourself. Beautiful coral formations are bursting with vibrant marine life unique to the tropical ocean waters of Sri Lanka will leave you relaxed and in amazement.

You can be guaranteed to spot a myriad species of fish and other beautiful interesting tropical inhabitants. Molluscs, Manta Rays, Sea Turtles and Reef Sharks are few of the tropical marine friends you could have a close glance at.The untouched and still undiscovered underwater world of Kalpitiya is exceptional to the coastal belt of the Northern Peninsula of Sri Lanka.

Day 3 : Route – Kalpitiya / Arankele / Habarana

Drive Time                  – Approx. 4.5 hours drive

Accommodation   – The Other Corner

Meal Basis  – Breakfast & Dinner Included

Today you will be heading to the cultural triangle of the Island.

En route make a stop at one of the unique places. It is Arankele Forest Monastery in its ruins still remains an ideal place for architecture, trekking and archaeology enthusiasts. There is a small hike shaded with huge trees.  Enjoy the songs of a wide variety of constantly chirping birds. These pathways were used by the monks for their meditation slope gently punctuated with small flights of steps, made of dressed stone, to accommodate the natural terrain.

You can find ancient stone slabs of inscriptions in Brahmi script, ruins of meditation halls, stone-faced double platform grinding stones which had been used to prepare herbal medicines in the past.  You will see encounter the largest hot water pond in Sri Lanka. All these ruins testify to the existence of a large ancient Ayurvedic hospital which was present in the monastery. Few minutes can be spent in an old hermitage of isolation and then continue your journey towards Sigiriya.

In the later afternoon, I would recommend you to take a small hike to Pidurangala rock. Even though Sigiriya Fortress is the highly spoken rock formation in the area, a hike to Pidurangala, especially for the sun set, can be a more memorable (and unpaved) experience. Pidurangala Rock has a much more earthly natural feel. A climb of twenty minutes will be well rewarded with the majestic view of Sigiriya Lion’s rock, picturesque lakes, greenery and land vistas.  The cool breeze will take away all your tiredness when you on the top. You can explore more regarding the connections king Rawana claimed to have had with aliens and spaceships believed to have landed on this flat rock base of Pidurangala!

Day 4 : Route – Sigiriya / Knuckles

Drive Time    – Approx. 3.5 hours drive

Accommodation   – Wild Glamping, Knuckles

Meal Basis    – Breakfast & Dinner Included

You have never experienced true magic, until you have flown in a hot air balloon over Sigiriya.

Start your ballooning trip early in the day as it will be amazing to see the sunrise over mountains, monkeys in the trees, wild peacocks, farms, elephants roaming freely, water buffaloes standing in the paddy fields, lakes and people waving up with a smile at you everywhere!

After an exciting flight over the jungle, you will be landing on the village and the villagers will warmly welcome you. Why not toast a glass of champagne to make this experience more memorable.

Tip-Safety First is key and pilots do not take off the ground if they feel the weather is not stable.

You experienced the “Magic in the Air”, and then you will venture to Knuckles range. Knuckles Range is the “The Misty Valley” with a lot of adventures. Today’s accommodation will be a camping night and you will surely love a night in a camp and the barbeque dinner.

Day 5 : Route – Knuckles & Meemure

Route   – Knuckles & Meemure

Accommodation – Wild Glamping, Knuckles

Meal Basis  – Breakfast & Dinner Included

Start the day with an adventurous trekk to Meemure. This trekking is through one of the most remote villages with its exceptional natural beauty and preserved traditional Sri Lankan culture. The Loolwatte trail is the only way to enter Meemure village and you may take a guided trek exploring the mountains and secluded village beauty.

As you walk into the jungle, you may see the morning sky painted with gorgeous colors – the shadows of trees adding to the beauty with the contours of the mountains in the distance. Take breaks as necessary and spend some time enjoying the surrounding breathtaking natural beauty. During the mid-day, go swimming in the fresh water streams around the village. You will get to taste a freshly cooked yummy village lunch at the end of the trekking.

If you are in knuckles, Corbet’s Gap is also something not to be missed. Continue you’re the trekking towards this glorious view point in the mountain range. It is a deep valley and has been identified as a rain shadow area. We will arrange a Jeep to take you back to your campsite as you might be too tired to walk back for another few hours.

Day 6 : Route – Knuckles / Maiyanganaya

Drive Time       –Approx. 3 hours’ drive

Accommodation  – Kevan’s Casa, Maiyanganaya

Meal Basis    – Breakfast & Dinner Included

Today, you will be exploring some exceptional sites in Mahiyanganaya.

As you reach Maiyanganaya, make a visit to the Dambana Vedda Village. With ancient roots dating back to the 6th century B.C, the ‘’forest people’’, most famously known as the ‘’Veddas’’, are the last indigenous tribe still in existence in the country. Explore the enthralling lifestyle of a forest dweller and the ways in which they have adopted through the centuries.

Located in the heart of the holy city of Mahiyanganaya, Kevan’s Casa offers its guests a portion of the finest Sri Lankan hospitality and supreme luxury. Revel in the riches of our ancient city or escape on a hidden escapade off the beaten path while engrossed in simple sustainable beauty.

Day 7 : Route – Maiyanganaya

Accommodation          – Kevan’s Casa, Maiyanganaya

Meal Basis                   – Breakfast & Dinner Included

You should not miss the sunrise at Sorobora Lake with a mountainous backdrop. Be there by 6 am and catch some nice shots.

Take a picturesque, hour-long boat ride across Sorabora Lake. Observe the local fishermen use a traditional form of fishing. After the boat tour, head towards the local fish market at the edge of the lake and witness how the locals work to bring you the most finely prepared fish to your tables. Afterward, try your hand milking a cow; learn about the technique from a local villager. Dust off this experience by playing on the swing by the edge of the lake.

Make your way to the top of Sorobora Rock, where you can have a perfect lunch in a serene ambience, the ultimate experience of a meal with a view. Join in on with the chef who would take you through some of the finer recipes of our cuisine, opening up brand new sensory worlds, the embodiment of pure indulgence!

In the late evening, tickle your taste buds the Sri Lankan way by relishing in an authentic Sri Lankan dinner at the village of Rathna Ella. With recipes passed down from generations, the meals prepared for you are made with love by the locals, which is probably why the flavours are quite enchanting! You can join the local villagers in witnessing the ancient Sri Lankan art of clay pottery making.

Afterward, see a demonstration on Pan Paduru making. A ‘’Pan Padura” is the ‘’reed mat”, which is very common in every rural household in Sri Lanka. Woven by hand and using reeds harvested from the local fields, each intricately designed mat takes over a month to finish.

Day 8 : Route – Maiyanganaya / Haputale

Drive  –Approx. 3.5 hours drive

Accommodation – Dreamcliff Resort

Meal Basis – Breakfast & Dinner Included

After your early breakfast, leave towards the hill country!

Today’s late morning adventure is going to be written as the next level in your adventure dairies. As name suggests, Devil’s Staircase is bit of scary trek and can be hiked or traversed by a 4WD vehicle as it is quite uneven in some places. The hike is best begun before sunrise so that you can watch the sun rays reflecting off the waters of Bambarakanda Falls as you refresh yourself.

Tip-Make sure you wear good hiking boots; and fairly warm clothing as the temperature can drop suddenly. Bring a raincoat or other protective clothing to be ready for the sudden rainfalls.

In the afternoon, make a trip to Ella village if you wish. Ella has waterfalls, caves , misty hills, lovely cafes and a lot of geographically significant places.

And why not trying Zip Lining?  The ride offers a magnificent bird’s eye view of the beautiful hills and the green estates of the surrounding area. As you zip down, you will see the people who are plucking and collecting tea leaves, working in their estates. Staff is well trained and they ensure all safety measures are implemented prior to the ride making it safe to those who are brave enough.

Check in to your pretty cocoon and let the cool air relax you and the mystical sunset seduce you.

Day 9 : Route – Haputale / Kithulgala

Drive  – Approx 04 hours

Accommodation – Borderlands Eco Lodge

Meal Basis  – Breakfast & Dinner Included

In the morning, you can drive to Lipton seat in a tuk tuk. Lipton’s seat is a scenic view point situated at the edge of Dambethenna tea estate with a great scenic journey up and well worth the visit.

Next adventure destination would be Kithulgala!

Kitulgala is a rainforest patch and is famous as the base for white-water rafting but there are a myriad of adventure activities that you can enjoy during your stay. White water rafting, jungle trekking, mountain biking, River bathing, visiting pre historic Belilena caving and waterfall abseiling are some of the adrenaline-filled activities in the list.

You can also take it easy with a bird watching tour. A nature lover will find this extremely interesting since you get to see many of country’s endemic bird species such as Sri Lanka Orange-billed babbler and chestnut-backed owlet, further some of the reptiles such as green pit viper and earless lizard and a many species of butterflies. Further, some researchers have found that that the newly discovered species of owl was heard calling throughout the forests. Kithulgala makes a home for wild creatures and wild plants.

Day 10 : Route – Kithulgala

Accommodation   – Borderlands Eco Lodge

Meal Basis    – Breakfast & Dinner Included

Are you ready to ride the rapids? Experience sensational white water rafting that is certain to bring about an adrenaline rush. Triumph over five main rapids and four minor rapids on the picturesque Kelani River while navigating the inflatable raft through torrents of fast moving water. You will be equipped with safety gear, modern rafts, and a comprehensive safety briefing will be given by our white water rafting instructors beforehand.

And why not try waterfall abseiling? You will be sliding down a roaring waterfall while taking in the stunning view of the falls and its surroundings as never before.  Enjoy freedom and let your confidence gush out while you ride the fall.

If time permits, explore the Belilana caves, located close by. These caves are usually a bit difficult to navigate, but surely contain long forgotten treasures from the ancient times.

You will get a super treat at the end of the day. Enjoy Sri Lankan rice and curry for dinner. The curd with honey comes as your desert and an ideal combo of local food flavors.

Day 11 : Route – Kithulgala / Batatotalena cave / Bentota

Drive                           – Approx. 5 hours drive

Accommodation          –Taj Bentota Resort & Spa

Meal Basis                   – Breakfast & Dinner Included

Your expedition tour will not be completed without visiting a cave. Therefore as you drive to the coastal belt of Bentota, drive a little into Erathna area searching for Batatotalena Cave. The cave had been neglected in a dense jungle which has now become famous as one of the religious sites. Locals believe that there is a mystery treasure behind this cave and it will be pretty interesting to try to find it out.  This cave located on a mountainous forest and a flight of beautifully carved stone steps lead to the cave entrance. The cave shrine consists of cross-legged, reclining and standing Buddha statues. The climb, as well as the cave mouth, offer spectacular views of the valley below.

After all the adventures, it would be a great idea to end your holiday by the blue ocean. Check in to your beautiful beach resort and spend the afternoon on sandy beaches and by sea.

Day 12 : Route – Bentota and around

Accommodation   – Taj Bentota Resort & Spa

Meal Basis   – Breakfast & Dinner Included

The oceans in Sri Lanka are the best for relaxation BUT if you are still craving for some adventure, we can offer you wind surfing and Para motoring and many water sports.

With Para motoring, you can enjoy the incredible experience of flying anytime the weather is calm whilst pretending to ride the cycle in ‘ET’ style. Climb away from the ground to a couple thousand feet with your instructor, switch off the motor, and enjoy the glide. You will be thrilled to fly over the scenic landscapes and beaches.

If you missed kite surfing at Kalpitiya, you have your last chance in Bentota as the are is well known for wind surfing. Wind surfing is not for the faint-hearted but for the ones who would kill for the thrill.

You can also indulge in banana boat rides, ringo float rides, water-skiing, jet-skiing and many other water sports carried out in the river. Enjoy!

Day 13 : Route – Bentota / Airport

Drive- Approx. 2.5 hours’ drive

It has been two weeks of a life adventure in this little paradise and today you will drive to airport to take your flight home with your high adrenaline rushes giving you a lasting smile to your face.

Where to Stay

Learn more about the properties available for your trip.

Where cool, spacious whitewashed rooms, reflecting the rich heritage of Sri Lanka fused with Middle Eastern treasures, provide guests with a unique combination of luxury, rustic style and seclusion.

Wild Glamping was inspired by camping excursions in the mountain ranges of Knuckles, Sri Lanka. Hotels like ours aim to bring out luxury in the midst of pure and pristine wilderness – each tent has been designed completely in par with green building standards, to immerse you in the surrounding nature, whilst providing you with a luxurious camping space.

Kevan’s Casa being the most modernized hotel and being minutes away from many attractions, ensures that guests enjoy a cultural and wild life experience, bound to create a wealth of memories to take back home. Kevan’s Casa Hotel, contains the only rooftop restaurant in Mahiyanganaya City.

Add-on Experiences

We have many activities to keep you busy during your stay. See our destination pages for more information.

Visit the waterfalls in and around the hill country. Sri Lanka has several that you can experience up close while others are best viewed while travelling on the main roads connecting to the hill country.

Known as the ‘Centre of the World’, this location is a key attraction for those visiting Hatton and a chance to see the Mini World’s End.

While in the South Coast to experience whale watching. This is a seasonal event that is mainly popular in the South Coast in the months of Nov – May every year.

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