Rates Starting from: $ 200
Region - West Coast
City - Negombo

Amagi Lagoon Resort & Spa

What is it Really like?

Retreat into the seclusion and serenity of Amagi Lagoon Resort & Spa, and treat yourself to the pampering that you deserve. Being the closest hotel to the country’s main airport, Amagi Lagoon Resort & Spa offers luxurious accommodations and warm service at a unique location with a relaxed, homely atmosphere. Enjoy breath-taking panoramic views of the Negombo lagoon and spectate stunning sunsets that tinge the skies with hues of russet and gold. Treat yourself to a plethora of seafood and exquisite local cuisine that have been expertly prepared by our chefs. Paradise awaits you at Amagi Lagoon Resort & Spa, where you can embrace a tropical lifestyle.

Where is it?

Amagi Lagoon Resort & Spa is a luxurious boutique resort located on a 2 acre land which borders the Negombo lagoon. It was built with the intention of providing an opportunity for guests to move into the lagoon & to experience new styles of recreation. Located just 7 km away from the country’s main airport, it is one of the closest hotels to Katunayake and is ideal for guests who want quick access to the airport.

Amagi Lagoon Resort & Spa
640 / 82 Colombo road,
Kurana, Negombo,
Sri Lanka.

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