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Each time the human race rallies in the face of adversity; we have attested our resourcefulness, our valour and, most of all, the aptitude to showcase the empathy that defines our humanity.

Sri Lanka has been under a continuous lockdown since March 24, a week after the first local victim of the pandemic was reported, which was key in controlling the community spread. An infection rate of approx. 671756 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 16808 deaths in a population of over 21 million are comparatively very positive and amongst the lowest figures reported worldwide.

At present, the Government has relaxed the curfew as a means to revive the economic activities after the long layoff. The Public & Private Sector Companies were encouraged to re-open their offices with strict guidelines & regulations that are constantly monitored. The local media have stated that the Government plans a phased reopening of the economy, by fully lifting of curfew by June 2020.

Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority has finalized a set of new protocols and procedures to do with ultimate guest safety to safeguard against COVID-19 for hotels, DMC`s and other partners, which will be implemented and standardized across the Sri Lankan tourism industry as a means of reassurance to future potential guests.

Sri Lanka is renowned for its Ayurveda treatments and healthy style of living. Most Sri Lankans consume Coriander & Tumeric water for the strengthening of immunity and we wish to introduce you to our traditional practices and are more than happy to share with the rest of the world. We also hope to welcome very soon “Longer” staying guests who would like to stay much longer than the traditional two week holiday and engage with and stay in some of our Wellness and Ayurveda Resorts and partake in the preventive and curative Ayurveda Treatments.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our thoughts to those who have been affected. The spread of COVID-19 has yet again tested our resilience and the swiftly shifting situation has affected people, businesses, and economies everywhere. Though at present it is difficult not to be overwhelmed with impact on such a colossal scale, our thoughts go out to all those affected, whether in terms of health or their daily income.

This international health catastrophe has struck everyone immensely, therefore, we want to make certain your imminent travel plans are safe and assure you that we are dedicated to assisting our travellers in the best way that we can.

Keep informed

- Guidelines of Tourism Services with Health Protocols

Sri Lanka Tourism Guidelines For Safe, Secure & Progressive Resumption of Tourism Services with Health Protocols. The Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority has released a road map with key criteria and steps for ‘Safe and Secure’ restoration of tourism activities amidst the presence of COVID-19.


It’s important that you get the latest information from reputable sources. The World Health Organisation’s Situation Reports are our resources for all things COVID-19 related.


For your convenience, please bookmark the following useful reference for the latest Travel Advisories from SLTDA – our updates on COVID-19 (Sri Lanka Situation)


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