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Region - Tea & Hill Country
City - Hatton

Camellia Hills

What is it Really like?

Live the life of a modern-day tea planter at Camellia Hills, a luxurious five-bedroom boutique bungalow hotel near Dickoya, in Sri Lanka’s crisp hill country. From its verdant valley-side perch, views of the mirror-still Castlereagh Reservoir and surrounding tea-wrapped hills are spectacular – drink in the panoramas while relaxing on cushy sofas warmed by an open fire, dining in the semi open air or swimming lengths of the refreshing garden pool.

Where is it?

The Castlereagh Valley, near Dickoya, is a country standout for its absorbing scenery – an arresting panorama of rich greens and blues. At its heart is a mirror-still reservoir dotted with islands that floods seven kilometers of a long, deep valley. Flanking Castlereagh Reservoir on either side are steeply rising hills sporting acres of neatly manicured tea estates topped by thick manes of trees. Whether the sun is shining in a cornflower blue sky or the clouds are descending into the mountains en masse, the views from the bungalow are always dramatic.

Camellia Hills
Dunkeld Estate,
Dickoya, Sri Lanka.


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