Explore the Highlights of Sri Lanka

Explore the Highlights of Sri Lanka

Embrace this exclusive holiday package designed by Sri Lanka Tailor-Made with exquisite beauty and have a journey of a lifetime!

What to Expect

6 Nights / 7 Days

This itinerary has been carefully designed to give you a taste of the exciting, endless possibilities and can be tailored to suit your exact preferences.

Day 1 : Airport / Negombo

Drive Time – approx 20 minutes drive

Accommodation – Jetwing Beach

Meal Basis – Bed & breakfast basis

On arrival in Colombo, transfer to your villa located on the beautiful lagoon of Negombo.

You will receive a warm welcome, amazing food and this is ideal to get rid of jet lag.

Whilst in Negombo, find a good beach spot and take a cool dip or enjoy sunbathing. You can get yourself lost in the buzz of the town exploring long and colorful streets. You will find yummy freshly made seafood, seashell ornaments, creamy ice creams and many more surprises while walking the streets.

Relax well and get yourself pampered before venturing your exciting holiday.

Day 2 : Route – Negombo / Sigiriya

Drive Time – approximately 4 hours drive

Accommodation – Aliya Resort & Spa, Sigiriya

Meal Basis – Bed & breakfast basis

Today, venture towards the fish market in the morning. You will be heading to the heart of the Island, the cultural Triangle where magic and authenticity is waiting.

Stop at Kajugama to buy the crunchy cashews- locals’ favorite snack!

Once you are in Sigiriya, climb Sigiriya Rock. Enjoy the climb up to the fortress, local monkeys will amuse you and the art and architecture on every level will reward your climb. Near-vertical walls soar to a flat-topped summit that contains the ruins of an ancient civilisation, thought to be once the epicenter of the short-lived kingdom of Kassapa, and there are spellbinding vistas across mist-wrapped forests and serene landscapes.

Once you come down enjoy a drink of a fresh King coconut and a slice of pineapple from a local vendor.

Rest and Relax in your beautiful hotel. Afternoon time in the pool or reasonable spa overlooking Sigiriya and this will be a nice experience of course.

Day 3 : Route – Sigiriya / Polonnaruwa / Minneriya

Drive Time –

Sigiriya to Polonnaruwa: approx. 1.5 hour drive
Polonnaruwa to Minneriya: approx. 45 min drive
Minneriya to Sigiriya: approx. 45 min drive

Accommodation – Aliya Resort & Spa, Sigiriya

Meal Basis – Bed & breakfast basis

Today, make a trip to ancient Polonnaruwa which was a home to the Sinhalese kings and queens of old; it’s a heritage site full of ancient gems to discover! Without a doubt, the best way to explore the ancient city is by bicycle. This way you can get out in the fresh open air, cover a lot of the site and take a tour at your own leisure. You’ll meander through stupas, ancient palaces, step wells, temples, Buddha statues, coconut pitstops and more…

Or else you can embark on a catamaran ride through Polonnaruwa. Embark on a visit to a once flourishing empire, the second most ancient kingdoms of Sri Lanka, which was once named the capital from 1017 A.D. to 1235 A.D. Travel back in time to the golden epoch of Polonnaruwa under the reign of King Parakramabahu the Great and explore the remnants of some of the paramount feats of the ancient world; the colossal Parakrama Samudra which entails of 2500 hectares of land, still delivers water for irrigation to neighbouring regions and is supposed to be one of the most supreme irrigation feats of the past.

Enjoy a lethargic and scenic catamaran ride along the Polonnaruwa Lake, one of the best locations for bird watching. Sometimes elephants flock by the edges of the lake in search of water during hot and dry months. En-route, stop at a village home for “Plain Tea” with Treacle and “Helapa”, a traditional Sri Lankan snack that can refresh you.

From a little shop, try Beli flower tea with jaggery! Very healthy and delicious!

Afternoon you may enjoy a Safari ride at the Minneriya National Park.

Once at the park, your driver should head straight to the reservoir to wait for the elephants to emerge .Soon, the lush green plains surrounding the lake will be filled with several herds of elephants – at least 40 to 50 beautiful, happy, wild and free hanging out on the plains.

This massive meeting of elephants – popularly known as ‘The Gathering’ – is the largest of its kind in Asia, and takes place from July to October every year (best during August and September) from across the region, travelling from as far away as Trincomalee to drink, eat, socialize and search for mates. Besides the elephants, the park is also home to Leopards, Sloth Bear, Spotted Deer, Wild Buffalo, Wild Pig and two main kinds of monkeys (purple-faced Langur and toque macaque).

Day 4 : Route – Sigiriya / Matale / Kandy

Drive Time – Sigiriya to Kandy – approximately 3 hours drive

Accommodation – Kandy Galleries by Jetwing

Meal Basis – Bed & breakfast basis

Today drive to the serene hills of Kandy with a stop at Matale spice garden. All offer free tours of their gardens with an English-speaking guide who can explain the merits and health properties of herbs, spices and plants including cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, coffee, nutmeg, pepper, cardamom, aloe vera, iriweriya (tulsi) and the henna plant.

Kandy is a countryside hamlet with cool breeze, leafy green landscapes, misty mountains gathered around the lake. By a leisurely stroll down the lanes, you can find a lot of seasonal fruits, vegetables and spices  also you will pass small shops with handcrafts, wood ornaments that you will want to stop and check.

Kandy Lake is the heart of this charming city and during a lazy afternoon you will just sit on a beach and stare at the Temple and vibrant city.

Later in the afternoon, make a visit to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, which houses what is believed to be an ancient relic of Lord Buddha. Buy some beautiful fresh flowers before entering to the temple. Offer an oil lamp to the temple joining the local devotees!

Day 5 : Route – Kandy

Accommodation – Kandy Galleries by Jetwing

Meal Basis – Bed & breakfast basis

Today, you can explore more of Kandy and upper lake road. Take part in a cooking lesson and you will get to learn the authentic Sri Lankan meal preparation and taste the delicious rice and curry lunch as well. You will get to know interesting facts about local spices as well.

An afternoon dedicated for street food and fresh fruit and vegetable market walks! With some exotic fruits in the Kandy market, walk around the market and learn about the various regional vegetables and their uses. Head to the women’s co-operative for some authentic snacks that you’d only get to try if you knew someone’s grandmother. Then cut into the trading street of Kandy. Try some snacks and a refreshing king coconut, before moving on to the main course. Finally end the walk with some curd and treacle to cool you down.

Try out the local Arrack and bites to set the tone before heading out for some gluttony. Egg rotis, fresh hoppers and the best Kothu are up for grabs. Our charismatic host will regale you with stories about Kandy while you indulge in the many food options on the walk.

Day 6 : Route – Kandy / Colombo

Drive Time –  approx. 4 hours’ drive

Accommodation – Jetwing Colombo Seven

Meal Basis – Bed & breakfast basis

Today you will be heading back towards Colombo suburb located close to Airport, but this stay is going to be serene and super relaxing and this may be the ideal way to end your Holiday.

Although it’s unlikely it will reclaim its 19th-century moniker ‘the garden city of the East’, Colombo has nevertheless emerged as a must-see stop in Sri Lanka. No longer just the sprawling city you have to endure on your way to the beaches, it has become a worthy destination in its own right and makes an excellent start – or finish – to your Sri Lankan adventures.

In the evening go on a street food tour to sample the island’s gastronomical delights. The Street Food Tour is a great way to try the best street food in town and get a sense of how life is in Colombo. You will not only taste a large variety of food and speak about its origin but also touch on the history of the different areas we will be visiting. The only thing you need to make sure is to come hungry as there will be a lot of food :) You will meet at the Galle Face Green, the perfect place for eating street food in the sunset! Here you will try a number of different snacks and short eats. Afterwards you will walk over to the nearby neighborhoods and visit one of their many small local “hole in the wall” food joints. Not only is the food amazing but they are located in beautiful old colonial buildings although very worn own in a charming way.

Day 7 : Route – Colombo / Airport

Drive Time – approx. 1 hour drive

Leisurely morning at the hotel overlooking Galle Face green!

With delightful memories, make your drive to the airport! Safe Flight Home!

Where to Stay

Learn more about the properties available for your trip.

Jetwing Beach is the first hotel in Negombo to receive membership to the Small Luxury Hotels of the World. The hotel lies nestled among the palm trees, along a beautiful sunkissed beach in the coastal town of Negombo.

Themed on the beloved Sri Lankan elephant, or ‘Aliya’ as it is known in the Sinhala language, this property has a distinct feel of living in a village, but with all the modern facilities required for a comfortable and idyllic stay.

Jetwing Kandy Gallery

Having withstood the onslaught of three invading nations for centuries, until its fall in 1815, Kandy – the last royal kingdom of the island nation – has witnessed it all.

Add-on Experiences

We have many activities to keep you busy during your stay. See our destination pages for more information.

Known as the Dalada Maligawa, this site is a must see for culture and heritage lovers, where the sacred Tooth Relic is kept.

A haven for sambar deer, toque macaques and leopards, the park is now a world renowned destination site.

A giant rock fortress that lies in the heart of Sigiriya village, it is famed for its historical value and the magnificent glory it brings to the culture and heritage of Sri Lanka

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