Chasing Waterfalls in Lanka

Chasing Waterfalls in Lanka


Nature has indeed vested glorious beauty in abundance in the small island of Sri Lanka making it a paradise of waterfalls. Exploring them will surely take you to the heavenly status and truly connect with Mother Nature. This waterfall tour is both adventurous, exciting and leaves you with the most awe-inspiring sights…


What to Expect

09 Nights / 10 Days

This itinerary has been carefully designed to give you a taste of the exciting, endless possibilities and can be tailored to suit your exact preferences.

Day 1 : Route – Airport / Negombo

Drive Time    : Approximately 20 minutes

Accommodation   :  Jetwing Sea

Meal Basis     : Breakfast & Dinner Included

At the airport, you will be greeted by your very own chauffeur guide with true Sri Lankan hospitality and be driven to Negombo, a small fishing village located in close proximity to the international airport.

Once at the comforts of your hotel, relax and recover from any jet lag with a truly traditional Ayurvedic treatment at the center.

In the afternoon, stretch back in a hammock with a drink in your hand to shake off the jetlag and adjust to the new time zone. Watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean and marvel at its rich pinks and ambers while you wriggle your toes in the white sands of the beach and prepare yourself for the exciting days ahead.

Day 2 : Route – Negombo / Kandy-Elkaduwa

Drive Time                  : Approximately 4 hours

Accommodation          : Ashburnham Bungalow

Meal Basis                   : Breakfast & Dinner Included

After a scrumptious breakfast at the hotel, drive to the relaxing hill station to venture exploring the fascinating and hidden waterfalls.

Sri Lanka is blessed with cascading waterfalls with a total of over 400 falls around the entire island. Most of them are found in the Central Highlands. Some have natural pools to bathe in, while others are more rugged and can only be seen from a distance.

The first stop would be Kandy city. As you reach this cultural city, pay a visit to Kandy Temple. The gold-roofed Temple of the Sacred Tooth holds Sri Lanka’s most important Buddhist artifact – a tooth of Lord Buddha. The Temple is adorned with decorative walls, a golden roof and fine woodwork. Daily poojas are held in the mornings and evenings accompanied traditional music and drumming.

Offer an oil lamp and fresh lotus flowers to the temple joining the local devotees!

Explore Kandy town a bit by visiting the colorful street market which offers everything from aromatic spices, clothes, jewelry shops and various knick-knacks. Then you will continue to your resort where your waterfall expedition begins.

Rest well in this colonial style bungalow, overlooking its own 100-acre tea estate! You’ll soak that up with sundowners on the terrace or by the ‘Aga Bar’.

Day 3 : Route – Exploring the falls around

Accommodation          : Ashburnham Bungalow

Meal Basis                   : Breakfast & Dinner Included

Following an early breakfast, you will leave the premises at 7.30 AM in order to catch glimpse of the soothing morning sun shine… Begin your trek through ancient tulip trees, overlooking 70 feet high frame panoramas of mountains and valleys. As you walk, you will realize that these acres of grounds are beautifully kept, with hidden natural wonders to explore; including a private natural waterfall.

Once you reach this beautiful place, you will be served with yummy food and fruit juices. Ashburnham estate waterfall stands at a height of 40 meters overlooking the beautiful Ashburnham tea estate.  Since this a private waterfall with a natural pool, you can have a cool dip and bath.

After a decent hike, you will reach the amazing Hunnas falls which will take your breath away. No one would believe this magnificent creation, along with the lake is manmade! The day is filled with fun, adventure, and nature!

Day 4 : Route – Exploring the falls around

Accommodation          : Ashburnham Bungalow

Meal Basis                   : Breakfast & Dinner Included

Another day for waterfall hunting!

Boots and backpack on, start your day trekking again. After a 45 minutes’ walk in the mesmerizing cool environment, you will reach the breathtaking Kosgama falls. You may enjoy some refreshments and blend yourself into this paradise beauty.

Thereafter continue the walk to the Kotaluganga; this is another breathtaking waterway beginning from the Knuckles range and ending in a waterfall. This river consists of cool and clean water and completely suitable to have a dip whilst admiring the beauty of the environment which is magnificent.

After a refreshing dip in the fresh water stream, you may head back to the Ashburn Estate in a four wheel drive jeep to have a scrumptious lunch. If you prefer, you could have packed lunch at a scenic site and continue the trek till sun set… The beauty of the waterfalls exploration in he property is that all the waterfalls are mostly hidden and not well known except for the local community and therefore they are not at all touristy.

You can relax in the bungalow in the evening where you may indulge in a BBQ dinner under the stars.


Day 5 : Route – Kandy-Elkaduwa / Nuwara Eliya

Drive Time                  : Approximately 3.5 hours

Accommodation          : Jetwing St. Andrews

Meal Basis                   : Breakfast & Dinner Included

Following breakfast, head to the hill country. You will pass the beautiful Aberdeen waterfall and Ramboda waterfalls on your way!

Aberdeen has one of the most astounding views after a well-deserved hike though the soft jungles. A visit to this stunning fall will surely give a refreshing touch to your Sri Lankan vacation!

Ramboda has three parts and is 203m in height. Scenic as it is, the three parts are not visible from the main road and could be seen only from a special by-road. Traveler can descend to the “Ramboda basin”, where the famous “Ramboda Inn” situated from where they can see the whole fall.

Also en route you can see Devons Falls clearly from the road as is known as the ‘Veil of the Valley’. The falls is named after a pioneer English coffee planter, whose plantation was situated nearby the falls.

You can also see the St Claire’s waterfalls driving around. Called the Little Niagara of Sri Lanka, St Clairs is formed by Maha and Kuda falls. It gets its name from neighboring tea estate, and is undoubtedly an awe-inspiring waterfall in Sri Lanka.

On your way to the hotel, do not miss the visit to the tea plantation and an active tea factory where you will have the opportunity to taste a freshly brewed cup of world renowned Ceylon tea.

Day 6 : Route – Nuwara Eliya / Horton Plains / Nuwara Eliya

Drive Time                  : Approximately 2.5 hours’ drive both ways

Accommodation          : Jetwing St. Andrew’s

Meal Basis                   : Breakfast & Dinner Included

Why not rise a bit early and drive to witness some of outstanding beauty of flora and faura with a morning trek in Horton plains? The trail opens up with an expansive view of flora, bare patina grassland here, densely wooded cloud forest over there…. Once the grasslands are passed, the trek leads for about 2km through a fine expanse of the cloud forest.

Also don’t forget to stop by beautiful Baker’s fall. On top of the fall is a long pool which falls branched out to more than a thousand more pools making it even more beautiful and impeccable. This area provides excellent opportunities for walking with panoramic views over the spectacular escarpment.

Afterwards you can return to the town of Nuwara Eliya and spend the day as you like.  Evening will be spent loitering around the city of Nuwara Eliya where you will surely be tempted to indulge in a dish of fresh plucked strawberries. You can also browse through the fresh fruit and vegetable markets in the town and sample the goods.


Day 7 : Route – Nuwara Eliya / Ella/ Wellawaya

Drive Time                  : Approximately 3 hours train journey and 01 hour drive

Accommodation          : Jetwing Kaduruketha

Meal Basis                   : Breakfast & Dinner Included

Today morning hop in to a train enjoying a classic train journey claimed to be one of the best in the world. As the train moves, you will pass through the most scenic views of dense forest, long stretches of tea plantations, cascading waterfalls, tunnels carved out of rock, gigantic mountain ranges, and picturesque valleys.

You can buy some spicy snacks and sweets from vendors selling their wares in the train. The highlight of the journey is the Nine Arch Demodara Bridge and the fascinating 441 feet long Demodara Loop where the railway track passes under itself and emerges from the tunnel.

Get down from train and your chauffer guide will take you towards Wellawaya where your beautiful resort covered with greenery paddy fields hidden in.

En route, you will witness yet another beauty – Ravana falls! This waterfall has its own tale which makes it prominent among the rest. Said to have existed since the pre historic era, Ravana falls is divided into two sections, one called Ravana Ella and the other called Rawana Falls. Ravana Falls is a 3-tier cascading waterfall that gushes down a rock face, creating rock pools along its path. The first set of falls you will come to are a 1-minute walk from the street, and this is the most popular spot where many are enjoying this beautiful fall.

As you reach your beautiful resort, rest and relax. Time in the glamorous pool will soothe your mind and soul. The stunning view of the Punagala Mountain range will be reflected on the swimming pool and on a sunny day, you might wonder if the pool is an image formed from the heavens!

Day 8 : Route – Wellawaya

Accommodation          : Jetwing Kaduruketha

Meal Basis                   : Breakfast & Dinner Included

Treat yourself to a proper Sri Lankan breakfast. Ready to explore the Diyaluma falls head to fall? Make sure you take clothing for a dip in the natural bathing pool, full of clear blue water.

Take a walk of about 45 minutes within thin jungle with your guide. The waterfall beauty is equal to the beauty of the trek it takes to get there around the mountains!

Diyaluma is the second highest waterfall in the island and the perfect spot for a day full of adventure. Take a hike through the long grass of the Poonagala mountains to discover multiple falls, breathtaking views and the rare chance of encountering elephants and other wildlife.

As you see the fall, it will be easy to see how it got its name – ‘liquid light’. The water above appears to pour straight from the clouds. Enjoy your swimming and bath in this crystal water and encounter some interesting wildlife and birds too.

Head back to your resort and spend your afternoon by a walk among the paddy fields…

If you are here during the season, you can witness the celebrations of paddy farming and harvesting festivals of the local Maha (main) and Yala seasons, where the first harvest of rice is offered to deities in a traditional ceremony known as ‘Dewa Danaya’ followed by many more traditional authentic processes until harvesting. It is quite interesting to learn the local culture…


Day 9 : Route – Wellawaya

Accommodation          : Jetwing Kaduruketha

Meal Basis                   : Breakfast & Dinner Included

You can spend the morning cycling or trekking to Ella Wala. Small yet enchanting, Ella Wala waterfall is one of the most popular waterfalls among the locals. This secluded waterfall lies hidden inside the jungle about 5 kilometers from the town and can be accessed by bicycles. This is an absolutely enchanting and hidden and private fall well worth the effort it takes to get there.

You can also visit Bambarakande Falls which is the tallest in the country and water cascades down 263 metres like liquid light. It is only a four mile trek away and well worth the trip. Due to the geological formation of Sri Lanka, the central highlands are surrounded by plains, plateaus and valleys. Rainfall sends a large volume of water hurtling down the precipitous edges of the highland mass.

Day 10 : Route – Wellawaya / Airport

Drive Time                  : Approx. 06 hours drive

With all good memories of Sri Lankan waterfalls, head to the international airport for your departing flight, preferably in the evening or break your tour in Galle or Tangalle oceans instead.

Where to Stay

Learn more about the luxurious properties available for your trip.

Located between the Indian Ocean and the Negombo lagoon, Jetwing Lagoon offers a blendn of rejuvenation and relaxation with a unique restaurant called Geoffrey’s by the Lagoon, offering Geoffrey Bawa’s favourites.

A hotel that doesn’t sit on the landscape but is part of it. Where monkeys climb your balcony pillars as if they were trees, swifts nest in the corners of corridors as if they were cliffs, granite crags erupt into the sinuous white walkways.

A passion and deep concern for the environment is reflected in the design and construction of 98 Acres Resort and Spa.The eco-friendly concept and design has ensured that the majority of materials used in the construction have been recycled.

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