Authentic Sri Lankan Culinary Experience; Cook a flavorful meal!

Ever wondered what goes into authentic Sri Lankan cuisine that make them super delicious and mouth-watering? The authentic Sri Lankan culinary experience offered by “Aunty’s Kitchen” allows you to have a unique experience where you get to explore the combinations of herbs and spices that go into making a flavorful Sri Lankan meal infused with local secret ingredients!

Aunty’s Kitchen offers a variety of cooking classes which will help one gain knowledge about authentic Sri Lankan cuisine.

Located near Gangarama Park on Nelson Lane in Colombo, it is a beautiful studio designed as a nice kitchen with plenty of amenities.

They offer a number of different recipes one can prepare but for the particular class we have chosen to share with you includes two curries, a salad, a sambol (salad-like dish made with coconut, chilli and onion) and papadum (a fried condiment). All the kitchen equipment and ingredients needed to prepare the dishes are provided by the class itself, along with a cute apron – so you won’t get anything on yourself.

The ingredients that each dish needs are set in place which makes the flow of the lesson go very smoothly. Also, prior to cooking, the clients are given an introduction of the ingredients to be used, as well as bits and bobs about Sri Lankan cuisine and how the flavors work together. The first lesson of the class is to learn how to cut-open a King Coconut which is later served as a refreshing drink during the class. Clients then receive a hands-on experience on how to crack open a coconut.

A step by step guidance is provided by the instructor, Mr. Damien, an experienced chef who makes the entire learning process a friendly and informative one. Once the cooking comes to an end the clients are welcome to share their own meal among the others accompanied with a traditional dessert – curd and treacle.

The clients receive leaflets printed with the recipe that was created, encouraging them to recreate the dishes by themselves at home. All the knowledge you’ll be gaining, the satisfaction and enjoyment you get from creating something so yummy, is very much worth it. Bring along your appetite: and that’s all that is needed.

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