Spiritual Tour and Ayurveda Retreat in Sri Lanka

Develop peace of mind, and bring fear of uncertainty to an end by understanding the true meaning of your life through Meditation.

Sri Lanka Tailor-Made offers you a great opportunity to indulge in the essence of eastern meditation, matured during the last few years;

  • Meditation can be practiced at formal meditation centres or at selected suitable tourist hotels
  • Facilities are organized for you to engage in informal or formal discussions with specialists on meditation and the spirituality apart from practicing meditation
  • You can visit the world renowned Dalada Maligava, and many more historically important religious and archeological site such as the Great Ruwanweli Stupa , the sacred Sri Maha Bhodi ( the oldest recorded tree in the world) in Anuradhapura, the capital of Sri Lanka in the 4th century BCE could also be incorporated in your programs with your consent.

We are confident in offering you with the best tailor-made all inclusive packages on spiritual tourism in Sri Lanka.
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Sri Lanka Tailor-made