Badulla marks the southeast extremity of the picturesque Hill Country and is a gateway to the arid east coast. It is one of Sri Lanka’s oldest towns continuously covered in a pleasant humid mist and entwined by the Badulla Oya River, and has a local reputation as a base for black marketers. The Portuguese occupied it briefly developing it under European influence, and then torched it upon leaving. For the British it was an important and active social centre mainly for planters, although the teeming roads have changed the atmosphere quite drastically today. The economy of the district is mainly based on agricultural farming of tea, vegetables and paddy along with livestock. The major attractions of this unique town are the ample, beautiful waterfalls which cascade silkily down the green hills shrouded in romantic mist. Visits to Welimada, which specializes in potato farming, can also be organised for those interested in the agricultural practices of the country. Trekking and camping are enjoyable activities to partake in as the pristine environment offers the experience of utmost adventure on travel to Sri Lanka.

Things to do in Badulla

  • Visit the city of Welimada to agricultural practices
  • Trek through the scenic country side
  • Take a trek to see Dunhinda Falls
  • Visit Bogoda Bridge
  • Visit Dhowa Rock Temple
  • Visit Muthiyangana Raja Maha Viharaya
  • Visit St Mark’s Church


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