Kurunegala is an ancient royal capital located in the north western province of the country. It is a busy commercial and a transport hub, situated conveniently at the junction of several main roads linking to other important parts of the country.
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The picturesque town is surrounded by coconut plantations, marshy paddy fields and dense rubber estates and there are eight large rocky outcrops that encircle and dominate the city.
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The rocks rise from the plain below and characteristically resemble the form of various animals. According to folklore legend, when the animals threatened the city’s water supply during a period of severe drought, they were magically turned into stone by an old woman. The largest among them is Ethagala or the ‘Elephant Rock’ from which Kurunegala got its name. Nearby are three archeological cities with remains of an ancient moated palace and monasteries from the 12th century.
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This area is the ideal destination for those in search of a historical and cultural experience on a Sri Lanka vacation.

Things to do in Kurunegala

  • Visit the Ridi Viharaya
  • See the World’s tallest granite Samadhi Buddha statue
  • Visit the Himalaya Meditation Center
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