Clothes and Accessories

What sort of clothes do I pack?

Lightweight, light coloured cotton clothes are best suited for the warm temperatures of a tropical country like Sri Lanka. Some warm clothes are recommended if you are heading for the hilly regions, where the evenings tend to get chilly.

Is there any particular dress code that I should be aware of?

For evening wear it is advisable to bring one set, as larger hotels insist on ‘long attire’ for men during dinner (no shorts and no sandals). Ladies could come in dresses, skirts or long shorts, but not in any beach/ swimwear.

e.g. The Hill Club in Nuwara Eliya insists on ‘formal attire’ for dinner.

Dress modestly at religious sites. You should remove your shoes and hat when entering a Buddhist or Hindu temple, if carrying an umbrella unfurl it. Your legs and shoulders should be covered and you should never enter a temple in beach wear (i.e. shorts or singlet). Nudity is absolutely not allowed anywhere. This includes at the beach. Even topless sunbathing is prohibited.

Can you recommend a rough pack-list?

•           2 pairs of cotton trousers
•           pair of shorts (men only)
•           2 pairs long (ankle – length) cotton skirts (women)
•           underwear & swimming gear
•           few T-shirts or lightweight shirts
•           sweater for cooler nights in the hills
•           one pair of sneakers or shoes
•           socks – useful for visiting temples, specially areas exposed to the sun
•           sandals, slippers (flip flops, thongs) – handy to wear when showering
•           set of ‘dress-up’ clothes
•           sun hat or umbrella

Last but not least, try getting a sarong. Very light, cool and packs down to nothing; suits all purposes and occasions, including the temple etiquette.

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