Nilaveli is an extremely popular coastal fishing town which provides clear blue oceans ideal for swimming and snorkeling, located on the tsunami battered east coast of Sri Lanka, about 18 kilometres north of Trincomalee, the direct translation of its exotic name is ‘open-land of moonshine’. Majority of the population residing in the town are Tamil Hindus which explains the presence of many large and beautifully painted Kovils.
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The beaches are vast, soft sandy sheets emerging from under a calm blue ocean.
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It is a perfect location for swimming, sunbathing and even camping if you do not mind the strong gusts of wind which occasionally rise up from the sea.

Pigeon Island is just a 15 minute boat ride away from the coast. With every inch of ground covered with beautiful white corals, the tiny island is one of the best places in Sri Lanka to sunbathe, snorkel and scuba dive! Further out from the coast,whale and dolphin watching is another activity which makes Nilaveli truly unique.
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Things to do in Nilaveli

  • Visit the Nilaveli Beach
  • Visit the Pigeon Island National Park
  • Take a boat ride or go diving
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