Bandarawela is a picturesque mountain resort located in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. Due to a higher altitude, it has a cooler climate throughout the year. Linked to a royal and colonial past blended with a lush forestation has made this town a base for eco-tourism.
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The history of this area commences from the time of the great Sinhalese King Valagamba who fell back and regrouped in the Dhowa region to fight against Chola invaders of India. During British colonial era, the city rapidly developed due to the vast tea plantations and modern infrastructure. Many features belonging to this colonial period can still be seen as most of the buildings were built under British architectural influences.

The pleasant climate and rich historical background has made this town a major tourist attraction.
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Things to do in Bandarawela

  • Take a scenic train journey
  • Visit a tea factory
  • Visit a tea plantation
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