Batticaloa is a small rustic beach town situated next to one of the largest lagoons in the eastern region of country.
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It is the heart of a very fascinating culture as the Dutch invaders formed their first footprint here in 1602 and built a large fort in 1665, which is still visible near the vast lagoon. The area is famous for the musical sounds of the singing fish which can be heard in the lagoons when the light of a full moon shines on it. The sea is a beautiful, wide stretch of soft sand and shallow water which is safe for swimming and wading in to the distance of about 150 – 200 metres from the shore. The beach is also dotted with delightful rock pools inhabited by a variety of interesting sea creatures.

Luxurious accommodation is not an option here as the area was right in the zone of the Sri Lankan Civil War which carried on for almost 20 years, and it was one of the worst hit areas of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

However it shows promising chances of being a successful touristic area due to its mysterious unfamiliarity and seclusion.

Things to do in Batticaloa

  • Take a walk down Kallady Beach
  • Visit the Batticaloa Fort
  • Visit the Batticaloa Lighthouse
  • Visit St. Mary’s Cathedral
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