Adventure Activities in Sri Lanka

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Referred to as the ‘Pearl in the Indian Ocean’, the island’s underwater scenery is awe-inspiring as its picturesque landscape inland. Beneath the turquoise waters lie fairytales of colorful coral reefs, jewel crowned tropical fish and mysterious ancient shipwrecks that promise memorable sightseeing and thrilling escapades for snorkelers and scuba divers alike. These underwater escapades are immensely rewarding off the Northwest and South coastal belts from Bentota to Yala and the East coast in Trincomalee. The monsoon patterns ensure that a portion of the island is always in season for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling heartened with calm seas and clear water.

White Water Rafting

An exhilarating water escapade based in the hill country that demands a moderate level of physical strength, skill to maneuver the ore and a composed temperament. Experience the white waters along the Kelani River at ‘Kitulgala’: the most ideal location for rafting; to the turbulent waters of Kotmale, Mahaweli and Kalu River. Voyage pass calm backdrops of plantations or mountains of jungle paradise or secluded villages and lose yourself in the remoteness of the river as you’re pushed through a buzz of excitement.


The serene, secluded beach and exhilarating waves of Arugam Bay on the East Coast has incessantly being nominated as one of the top three surfing destinations of the world. Dedicated surfers return each year between July and August to experience the amazing beach, blue sea and thrilling wave breaks. From November to April the beaches of the South and West coast, particularly Hikkaduwa is the most famous surf destination.

Wind Surfing and Kite Surfing

The South Western and Southern coastal belts are a wind Surfer’s bliss: the waves, blue waters and palm fringed sandy beaches bring about the idyllic experience. For those tranquil seekers the serene waters of the Bentota River and lagoon offer ample opportunities with ideal conditions of water and wind from November to April. Whilst, the permanently warm and crystal clear waters of the Eastern coastal Belt of Arugam Bay and Trincomalee provide lavish prospects for world class windsurfer’s and novices alike. The Kalpitiya Lagoon, reef and the turquoise ocean provide perfect kitesurfing spots in the North West Coast from May to December.

Whale and Dolphin Watching

Sri Lanka is one of the best venues to set sail into the deep seas in search of Whales and Dolphins. Head along the deep South beyond Dondra Head in search of Blue or Sperm Whales or Spinner Dolphins or set sail to the deep seas off the Southern Coastal towns of Galle, Mirissa: an ideal location for spotting the sea mammals and Krinda. Escape to the North West coast off Kalpitiya or East Coast of Trincomalee to watch hundreds of Dolphins often swimming along the boat or frolicking in the seas: a wonderful spectacle for children and adults.

Wildlife Jeep Safari Adventure

Safari parks and sanctuaries in the Southern and Central region boast of the easiest way to witness animals in their natural habitat. Venture in search of tropical birds you have never dreamed of seeing at Bundala National Park or stay alert and observe the swift movements of the elusive leopard at Yala National Park or admire the gathering of wild elephants feeding and bathing at the Minneriya reservoir. An ideal activity to relish the natural brilliance and the diversity of Sri Lankan wildlife.

Trekking and Hiking

Distract your thoughts away from the tropical climate and quintessence on a land of tea-laden hillsides, breathtaking mountains: a wonderful walking paradise with a chance to admire Sri Lankan Scenery at its best. Take the chance to sample Sri Lanka’s uplifting scenery on foot through the unique grasslands of the Horton Plains National park or ascent the infamous Adam’s Peak to admire the spectacular sunrise or else saunter through the Sinharaja Rainforest and relish Sri Lankan Wildlife at its finest.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Paddling a canoe is the most relaxed and slow-paced activity to discover Sri Lanka’s lagoons, striking rivers, swamps, lush jungles and its natural habitat. Paddle along the tranquil Bentota Lagoon or leisurely oar along the Kalu River and marvel at the ever-changing landscapes of flora or head upstream in search of mangroves or Water Monitors. For those thrill seekers, looking to experience a combination of wilderness and adventure; Jungle canoeing is truly rewarding with spectacular views of birdlife and surrounding mountains.

Mountain Biking

The two wheel adventure is a great way to admire the island’s diverse landscapes. Flourished with lush tea estates and plantations the hill station is best suited for mountain biking. Hear birds chirping as you cruise along Horton Plains or a jungle path, admire endless views of tea carpeted valleys and tumbling waterfalls: pedal back in time along old colonial tea plantations.


A captivating and unusual activity into the prehistoric epoch; Sri Lanka is speckled with an impressive range of ancient caves from the mountains in the north to the central and southern hills that can be explored by amateurs and experts alike. Learn the ancient epics and the greatest archaeological significance linked to the prominent caves of Batatotalena, Belilena or Ravana Ella or discover a large community of nocturnal species colonized in the Wavulpone Cave. A truly thrilling experience not to be missed.


Feel rush of adrenaline as you hang on a rope with nothing but water above and beneath you or glance at panoramic views of mountains as you make your way to the peak of a mountain range. A truly exhilarating adventure and achievement beyond the limits of a normal sightseeing of a tourist.

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