Location: South West, 18 kilometres from Colombo

Area: 0.6 square kilometres
Avg. Temperature: 28 °C
Avg. Annual Rainfall: 2500 mm

Thalangama wetland lies on the outskirts of Colombo and is bordered by motorable roads, which provide easy access for wildlife enthusiasts. The complex of ponds, canals and paddy fields make it a rich and varied wetland site where many bird species and reptiles thrive! The lake is simply enchanting, resembling one out of a fairytale with lily pads blooming over the clear surface of the water.

Being rather near to Colombo, it is an ideal place to begin a nature discovering journey. Over a hundred species of birds have been recorded. Highlights are the Water Cock, White-throated Kingfisher, Pied Kingfisher, Herons, Jacanas and Egrets. Migrant species include Black and Yellow Bitterns. The endemic Purple-faced Leaf Monkeys can be seen lingering on the trees lining the lake. Thalangama is also home to reptiles such as the Water Monitor and for the commoner butterflies and dragonflies.

Getting there:

Get to Wewa Para (Lake Road) via Akuregoda Road or Sri Wickramasinghapura Road, both of which are off the Pannipitiya Road, a few kilometers from the Parliament.

Accommodation Options:

Villa Thalangama
City hotels in Colombo which are only 30 – 45 minutes drive away.

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