Gampola is a large town located in amidst the central highlands of the country, near Kandy.

The longest Buddha statue in South Asia, the Saliyalapura Temple is located in here and the town was one the capital city during ancient times when the country was ruled by King Buwanekabahu the fourth, who ruled for 4 years in mid fourteenth century. Among the remnants of Gampola era, three of the most famous temples and an ancient stone scripts helps to reveal a considerable amount of vital information regarding the lives of the people here during that time.
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The statue of Buddha and the temples indicate South Indian influence in their art work and style. One of these temples possesses a large collection of wood carvings, where no other temple in Sri Lanka owns such a collection. It is a town of great historical value and provides tourists a glimpse into the cultural past of Sri Lanka.
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Things to do in Gampola

  • Visit Saliyalapura Temple
  • Visit Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex
  • Visit the Tea Plantation Workers Museum and Archive
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