Mawanella is located a few kilometers from Kegalle as is equally famous the production of a variety spices and crops including rice, tea, rubber. It is also famous for its traditional handicrafts, especially the pottery, brass-ware and tobacco related industry.
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There are abundant shops which charmingly line the roadside.
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Mawanella is historically famous for Uthuwan Kande Soora Saradiel, a native who fiercely fought against the ruthless British colonialism. He is known as the Robin Hood of Sri Lanka as he looted the wealth from British officers and their local counterparts only to distribute it among the poor villagers. The natives were under heavy economical and political pressure from unfair taxes under British rule and were rebelling against as best way they could.
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Things to do in Mawanella

  • Visit the spice gardens
  • Visit handicraft and gift shops
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