Bundala National Park

Location: South East, 245 kilometers from Colombo

Area: 62.2 square kilometers
Avg. Temperature: 28 °C
Avg. Annual Rainfall: 1075 mm

Bundala National Park was established as a sanctuary in 1969 due to its role as a wintering site for migratory birds. It was the first declared RAMSAR wetland in Sri Lanka! This semi-arid zone features an interesting view of thorny scrub jungle, grasslands, lagoons which hold good numbers of birds and crocodiles and beautiful sandy beaches which are important nesting sites for four out of the five sea turtles species found in Sri Lanka.

Bundala contains an immense biodiversity and is made up of seven terrestrial habitat types and six wetland types which harbor 197 bird species, the highlight being the Greater Flamingo, which migrate in large flocks!
Endemic birds found here include the Brown-capped Babbler, Ceylon Woodshrike and Ceylon Jungle Fowl. During the northern winter, great numbers of migrant birds such as the Golden and Kentish Plover, Large and Lesser Sandplovers, Marsh and Curlew Sandpiper, Curlew and Greenshank arrive at the park. Rare species that can be spotted here include the Broad-billed Sandpipper and Red-necked Phalarope. The park is home to 32 mammal species of which 5 are classified as threatened. The most spotted are Elephants, Spotted and Sambar Deer, Jackals, Wild Pigs, Hanuman Langurs. Leopards and Black-napped Hares also live in the park however they are rarely seen by visitors.

The number of plant species documented in the area totals to 383 with dry thorny shrubs and herbs being the most abundant plant life. 52 butterfly species flutter among the dry vegetation including the Troides darsius, the largest butterfly in Sri Lanka. Mangroves and Water Lilies grow in small patches near the lagoons which maintain 32 species of fish and 15 species of amphibians.

Getting there:

From the A2, at the Weligatta Junction, near the 251km post, take the turn to Bundala Village. The park office and entrance is on this road.

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