Weligama is a picturesque sandy bay located on the southern coast of the island. In fact, the term Weligama translates directly to ‘sandy village’. It is most famous for its distint and unusual history of stilt fishing, where fishermen wade out to poles embedded in the seabed and fish once perched upon them, and an off shore islet named Taprobane, where a dream house of French Count de Mauny was built during the 1920s. Even today travelers who visit Weligama can stay in the ancient house which still sits majestically on the islet and experience a holiday like no other along while also having the option of staying in luxurious boutique hotels along the serene palm-fringed coast.

Although it provides lush accommodation, the town still offers the charm of an idyllic fishing village. Surrounded by rubber and coconut plantations, ancient temples, spice gardens, natural sanctuaries and exotic wildlife, Weligama presents something for all travelers besides a scenic beach which is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and various other water sports. Weligama also offers the rare opportunity of sailing into the deeper waters of the vast Indian Ocean for dolphin and whale watching. Its diversity makes it one of the best holiday resorts in Sri Lanka.

Things to do in Weligama

  • Visit to Thaprobane island
  • Surfing
  • Sailing with your own yacht or hired yacht
  • Take a whale watching excursion
  • Go scuba diving
  • Enjoy time at the spa
  • Visit Weligama city
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